From the start, Total Compliance Tracking was conceived as a company whose mission was to make compliance management suck less for everyone involved in the industry — whether you’re going up against compliance yourself or helping a client to do it.

That’s why we’re proud to be able to say that TCT Portal is the only truly end-to-end compliance management system we know of that can streamline and automate any compliance standard. Not only is TCT Portal priced affordably, but it can save companies thousands of dollars per year in operating costs.

So it’s really something when we can say that we’re releasing a new feature we’ve had our sights on for years. In fact, our latest functional release includes just one new feature, but it’s a big one.

Starting in July 2022, TCT Portal will now offer API integration.

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TCT Portal’s New API

TCT Portal’s API will allow you to import or export data to or from your other systems. It further integrates automation into your other systems and procedures, so that people in your organization who don’t use TCT Portal can provide evidence or view information through the tools they’re used to using.

By pulling data from TCT’s system into your own systems, you can fully integrate it with various platforms. The integration automates a multitude of tasks for you. The API allows you to:

  • Integrate compliance information with your analytics reports for internal tracking.
  • Display the state of your existing compliance tracks on dashboards that you share with other interested parties.
  • View summary level information.
  • Pull task and status information into your internal ticketing system.
  • Mark an item as done within your system and send a trigger for TCT Portal to mark it as complete.

Additionally, if you provide voluntary monitoring reports, vulnerability scanning reports, or daily log review reporting, you can automate evidence requirements straight into TCT Portal.

TCT’s ultimate mission is to help people. Offering capabilities like this API helps you to be more efficient. It streamlines your compliance management even more, so that compliance management sucks less. With TCT’s API, you have fewer arduous tasks on your plate, and much easier intersystem communication.

Not only does this capability reduce manual effort, it also dramatically improves the consistency of evidence delivery. By integrating your systems and automating data transmission, you don’t have to deal with human error. There’s less hunting around for misdelivered evidence, and more time just doing what you need to.

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Integration That Keeps Your Data Secure

If not thoroughly vetted, APIs can be potential data breach points. It’s our highest priority to ensure your company is protected, so we’ve extensively tested the security architecture of the TCT Portal API integration. Both internal and external security reviews were conducted to ensure that the software is as secure as you’ve come to expect from Total Compliance Tracking.

Driven by Continual Improvement

The cool part about TCT is watching the growth of the platform as we interact with our customers and hear firsthand the new features they’d like to see. Our customers are as invested into TCT Portal as we are, and that says something about the platform we’ve built. Being able to turn those requests into reality, to provide compliance professionals with a continually improving product, is a great privilege.

Our objective from the start was to create a platform that would handle any kind of compliance our customers need. Our track record of innovation is evidence of that:

And we will continue that commitment of innovation to help streamline your compliance engagements.

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Start Using the API Today

TCT’s new API will be officially released in July 2022. It’s ideal for Assessors, Consultants, hosting providers, any company that needs to maintain compliance. This is not a beta release. The API is fully functional and available to all customers at a reasonable price point, as you’ve come to expect from TCT.

To start using the API, reach out to us for a quick training call and all the documentation you need.

TCT Portal

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See what TCT Portal can do for your organization

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