If you’re looking to purchase compliance management software for your organization, you have a wide range of compliance tools to sort through and evaluate. Some of them are little more than a spreadsheet, while others are behemoths to wield and configure.

For most organizations, you need a tool that cuts down on your manual labor, organizes your evidence, and makes it immediately clear what your status is along the way to fulfilling compliance requirements. The more you can automate, the more time and thereby money you can save, the more flexibility you have, thus the better your purchase.

Let’s see how TCT Portal stacks up against the competition.

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Support for Multiple Compliance Frameworks

TCT Portal supports virtually any industry standard. Many other compliance management tools focus on a specific type of framework. The problem with that comes when you have to comply with multiple frameworks — HIPAA and PCI, or SOC 2 and NIST. When multiple standards have you using multiple compliance tracking tools, you aren’t adding to your workload, you’re multiplying it.

TCT Portal lets you centralize all of your compliance evidence and activities to one spot, no matter how many standards you’re going up against.

Mapping Between Compliance Standards

TCT Portal’s mapping capabilities let you upload your evidence one time and apply it to multiple certifications. TCT Portal isn’t the only compliance management solution that offers mapping capabilities, but it’s the leader in offering the breadth and the seamlessness that we provide.

Off-the-shelf approaches don’t consider your company’s particular circumstances and responsibilities. Every organization is different, and a robust mapping capability needs to account for the unique issues that affect how a certification is applied to your organization.

TCT is able to provide those mappings, because we have the expertise on our consultative side to tap into. Our consultants have a depth of knowledge of the various frameworks to understand how their elements tie together.

“TCT Portal helps us keep our ducks in a row, both from a PCI and a SOC-2 perspective. It’s nice to have all our compliance managed in a single portal. The Portal’s mapping capabilities let us upload evidence, and it’s mapped to all of our certifications, lightening the load. Without that capability in the Portal, it would be a much bigger challenge to get through the SOC audit.” — Scott Martin, CEO, Transaction Services

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Real-time Status Updates

Most compliance tracking systems have a dashboard view that lets you see the status of your compliance management. However, those platforms aren’t very customizable, and they’re limited to milestone updates (evidence 20% collected, evidence 50% collected, etc.).

Those dashboards are intended for executive leaders to see where the project is from a 10,000-foot view. TCT Portal takes it further by giving important real-time insights to the people in the trenches who need to coordinate the project at the line item level. You can view the status of your entire team’s activities at a glance.

TCT Portal shows you where you’re at in real time. You can view the information as you like to see it, and you can break it down to a very granular level. Compliance team leaders use it to track the progress of individual users, and to see which line items are still outstanding.

Everybody on your team gets morning reminders of their outstanding items, and they can filter the dashboard to see only the items they’re responsible for. They’ll immediately know what’s on their plate, and what the status of each item is. No more line items slipping through the cracks, getting lost in the jungle of spreadsheets between the names of other team members.

TCT’s clients often report reducing weekly status checks from 2-4 hours to just 15 minutes or so. That’s a potential savings of hundreds of hours per year!

Ongoing Compliance Management

Once you’ve achieved compliance, you need to invest in maintaining it throughout the following year (and beyond). High-end GRC tools can help you stay on top of your ongoing compliance maintenance tasks, but simpler compliance tracking tools tend to serve simply as repositories for evidence.

TCT Portal takes a different approach. We realize the importance of maintaining the compliance that you worked so hard to achieve. So we created Operational Mode, which helps you to keep on track with your compliance management activities throughout the year.

Automated reminders are sent to the right people at the right time, so tasks are clear and manageable. This helps you to proactively alert team members of their responsibilities, confirm that tasks are getting done, and quickly identify any items needing attention to get back on track.

“TCT Portal helps me to manage the process and to know that we’re going to meet our compliance goals. And once the deadline comes and it’s time to sign that certificate, I can feel comfortable because the system looks at each checkbox and confirms that there’s corresponding evidence for each one.” — Kim England, Chief Compliance Officer, Phoenix Financial

Report Generation

Depending on your certification, you’ll need to generate a report. PCI’s Report on Compliance (ROC) is infamously labor intensive. Unfortunately, most compliance tracking tools stop short of outbound reporting. They see their software as an evidence collection tool and expect their users to go and do the reporting on their own.

TCT Portal is an end-to-end compliance platform that lets you generate your reports with the click of a button. We populate your data directly from the portal’s database and drop it into the outbound report template to generate reports with the click of a button.

“It’s one thing to have a tool that lets you capture notes and information, but to actually produce the reporting in the exact format that you need for the council was a big deal for us….When you’re done, you click a button and you’ve got the report generated for you.” — Sherri Collis, Director of PCI Services, Online Business Systems

How to Generate a Report on Compliance in Less Than 60 Seconds

Customer Service

All of our functional software releases include primarily client-requested features. There are very few software companies that make a point of regularly reaching out to their customers and engaging with them to find out what their users would like to add or change in their product, and include those extensions as part of the service they provide.

We’re constantly engaging customers and asking for their feedback — suggestions and functionality they want to see. And then actively working on those requests to improve TCT Portal for our users.

We don’t know of any other company that is so invested and willing to do that for their clients.

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Pricing and ROI

Pound for pound, TCT Portal is hands down the most affordable solution on the market. Many of the complicated GRC tools provide similar flexibility and customization to TCT Portal, but they can be an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more). They come with a glut of tools you’ll never need or use.

We priced TCT Portal so that it would be a no-brainer purchasing decision. In fact, TCT Portal saves companies so many hours each year, the compliance software pays for itself. All told, from beginning to end of each engagement, you could save thousands of dollars per year.

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TCT Portal is the most complete software tool available for managing and tracking compliance. We stand out from the crowd, because we aren’t a software company that builds a compliance management tool — we’re a compliance company that understands the needs and daily life of compliance personnel. And we built a tool to address those needs.

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