Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Total Compliance Tracking (TCT) is to be an engine for doing good in a world, where so many organizations are interested in simply lining the pockets of the leadership and investors.

The first step of that mission is to ensure the ongoing stability of TCT. Devoted to a solid foundation for what should be the most important part of any organization, are the people that work for TCT. As such, TCT is devoted to achieving a point where we’re compensating those personnel in such a way that there is no financial reason they would consider going elsewhere. From my past experience, it’s the turnover of personnel that has one of the most detrimental impacts on an organization and we’re seeking to eliminate that possibility.

Happy people working for TCT means we can supply superior solutions and services to our customers. Our customer support strives to be fanatical in its speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. TCT is devoted to taking the input from our clients seriously and incorporating their needs into our solutions. TCT aims to serve their clients (crazy concept, right?), do right by them and continuously provide improved solutions to make their jobs in the compliance space easier and facilitate the peace of mind of their customers.

TCT aims to serve all the compliance needs of our customers and will integrate additional industry-standard compliance standards for any paying customer. We regularly add new compliance standards into the mix and incorporate new requests from customers on a regular basis.

As TCT concludes the building process toward compensating those who work for TCT, we can move on to become what it’s been envisioned to be for so long – an engine for doing good in this world and helping others.

It is the mission of TCT to allocate a substantial portion of profits to the cause of helping others. TCT will accomplish this goal through several channels:

  • Charitable giving to various causes of social value
  • Investing in organizations similarly devoted to doing good in this world
  • Investing in additional businesses which are devoted to helping others

For each organization that benefits from an investment from the TCT engine of good, we’ll seek a small portion of their profits be devoted to investment back into this engine of doing good, and through our collective efforts support that goal of making a difference and helping others.

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