Managing compliance sucks.
We make it suck less.

Total Compliance Tracking’s compliance management platform streamlines every compliance effort across all involved stakeholders. Find sanity, reduce risk, and complete compliance cycles with confidence.

Designed by Compliance Professionals,
for Compliance Professionals

TCT Portal is an end-to-end software platform designed by a team of seasoned compliance experts with decades of real-life, in-the-trenches experience. We continuously improve TCT Portal in partnership with the auditors and customers who use it every day.

TCT Portal simplifies compliance management for:


Compliant Organizations

Managing compliance complexity has never been so easy with one secure, convenient, place to manage everything. Escape the endless email and spreadsheet hassles.

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Assessment Firms

Do you audit clients with complex compliance environments? We can make it easy for you to guide every client through the most challenging requirements.

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TCT Making Compliance Management Suck Less Since 2013

Do More with Less Effort

TCT Portal compliance software keeps your team accountable, eliminates redundant effort, automates repetitive tasks, generates compliance reports and customizes to your organization’s compliance workflow.

TL;DR: TCT Portal saves your organization more than it costs.

OWN Your Compliance Data

TCT Portal is YOUR centralized data repository that you retain year over year, despite changes to your Consultant or Assessor. Every communication, piece of evidence, and explanatory note is stored and automatically organized for you in one convenient location.

Real-time dashboards tell you everything you need to know at a glance. Customize them for your needs and immediately spend seconds, not hours, getting status updates.

Manage Multiple Certifications Easily

Certification mapping and Live Linking let you kill two (or more) birds with one stone. Upload evidence to your primary certification and TCT Portal populates it in every other certification that uses the same evidence. Eliminate countless hours of duplicate work.

Purpose-built Solution for Ongoing Compliance Management

Once you’ve achieved compliance, Operational Mode kicks in to keep you on track for maintaining compliance. Tasks are automatically organized, providing coverage for your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual tasks. When it’s time to do the next task, TCT Portal sends reminders to the appropriate personnel responsible. TCT Portal provides real time built-in dashboards to immediately know if your organization is keeping up with their periodic requirements throughout the compliance cycle.

Boost Communication and Collaboration

Collaboration and communication have never been easier. Send emails to team members, partners, and vendors through TCT Portal, keeping an organized audit trail of communication.

Automated reminders take busywork off your hands and provide peace of mind that anyone with open tasks is being reminded. Allow multiple team members, internal functional groups to work on the same certification simultaneously for a significantly more streamlined approach.

TCT Portal Clients
Making Compliance Management Suck Less

  • Sherri Collis

    TCT has been such a lifesaver for us, because it’s a huge timesaver. Our job is extremely complex, and we love having a tool that produces the report for us.”

    Sherri Collis
    Director of PCI Services, Online Business Systems
  • You don’t have to build a solution from the ground up by yourself. You don’t have to try to come up with something on your own to make it work – it’s already been designed and perfected.”

    Kim England
    Chief Compliance Officer, Phoenix Financial
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