HIPAA Compliance Without the Headaches

HIPAA Management Software That’s Flexible and Robust

HIPAA is designed to be tremendously flexible, so that individual organizations can determine for themselves how they will fulfill requirements. That freedom actually makes HIPAA more challenging, because it doesn’t give you any specific direction to make sure that you’re handling elements appropriately.

TCT Portal is the end-to-end tool that can streamline the process and take the guesswork out of HIPAA compliance.

Our compliance tracking software is designed for compliance assessors navigating clients through HIPAA, and for organizations that are seeking a tool to handle the flexibility of HIPAA. TCT Portal is a holistic platform that gives you a manageable framework to streamline the entire engagement.

Manage your HIPAA engagement with the flexibility to customize it to your organization, and the rigor of a workflow that ensures you have the appropriate evidence to validate compliance.

Manage all of your work in TCT Portal, without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets, messy drop zones, or manual maintenance.

TCT Portal Overview Table screenshot

TCT’s out-of-the-box functionality gives you:

  • A single dashboard with complete visibility
  • Centralized repository for hands-free data organization
  • Embedded requirement explanations
  • Customizable compliance templates
  • One-click report generation

Discover how TCT Portal has transformed the compliance experience for these organizations.


Assessment Firm Breezes Through Client Engagements

Learn how TCT’s compliance management software helped assessment firm Online Business Systems reduce hundreds of man-hours and solve their biggest challenges on client engagements.


Phoenix Financial Services Navigates Compliance Chaos

Learn how TCT removed Phoenix Financial’s overwhelming challenges of becoming PCI compliant.

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