Our Approach

Total Compliance Tracking is dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of managing complex compliance environments to facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders to achieve completion so clients can focus precious resources back on the core value of their business.

We connect the dots between internal IT resources, external auditing firms, and vendors to make sure each and every engagement requirement is completed in a cohesive, coordinated manner.

We've Been There

Total Compliance Tracking was born from first-hand experience with complex compliance engagements from every perspective. It didn't take long to realize the need for a dramatic and disruptive improvement in managing compliance engagements for operational efficiency.

The TCT platform incorporates our in-depth expertise in managing compliance engagements, working with auditing firms and IT staff, oversight of infrastructure, development, change control, SDLC, and every other nuance of IT-related experience you can imagine.

We’ve battle-hardened TCT through hundreds of engagements, led by our own team, our clients, and auditing firms who use the TCT platform with their own clients.

We're Here to Help

We're here to make it easier for you to manage compliance every single day. How can we help you?


Adam Goslin


Adam started in compliance just like most TCT users, in a corporate IT department, with that tap on the shoulder to figure out how to manage annual audits. Leveraging his background in systems development, Adam founded TCT with the mission to improve the compliance management universe!


James Voight


James quickly rose through the ranks of development into IT management, with a keen eye for consistent processes and operational efficiency. As TCT's Head of Operations, James brings operational excellence and deep domain knowledge of security and compliance standards.


Todd Coshow

Business Development

Todd brings a decade of SaaS experience to the TCT team. His client-centric approach fuels TCT's mission of being an engine for good, while prioritizing the compliance management needs of our clients. As TCT's primary point of contact for new partnerships, Todd makes it a priority to be accessible and responsive. He prides himself on transparency in business and finds more value in building relationships than profits.


Sarah Collier

Head of Sales Operations

Sarah orchestrates Customer Experience at TCT from initial introduction to onboarding and ensures that those who manage complex compliance succeed in their efforts to use the TCT portal to create a streamlined, efficient process for both point-in-time and ongoing auditing.


Matt Morgan


Matt has honed his craft in product development from developer to information architect and guides TCT's SaaS product evolution. In his role at TCT, Matt leads the IT team in its perennial quest to evolve the TCT platform to continually delight users with the perfect blend of quality and feature enhancements, stability, and security.


Jon Dotson


Jon started in corporate IT as a technical support rep and transitioned into IT project management. With excellent customer support experience and advanced knowledge of project management process, he managed all internal and external development projects. As Product Manager for TCT, Jon collaborates with clients to align TCT Portal to business strategies to deliver an experience that delights.

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