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Streamline Your Compliance Engagements

End the frustrations and inefficiencies that seem to be built into client engagements. TCT Portal is your all-in-one platform for organizing and managing all the moving parts of your compliance assessments.

TCT Portal compliance management software automates the tedious tasks that keep you from the high-value benefit you provide to your clients. Eliminate the waste, cut costs, and enjoy a streamlined compliance management process.

TCT is your one tool for EVERY compliance need.

  • Any standard industry compliance framework
  • Custom templates

What You Get with TCT Portal

Trouble-free Certifications

Easily turn on new certifications without spending hours creating the corresponding spreadsheets. As certifications continue to change, TCT Portal is automatically updated with the latest versions.

More Time, More Revenue

Firms that use TCT Portal typically recover hundreds of hours per year. You can expect to see a 25 percent time savings, worth thousands of dollars in labor expenses. For every four engagements, your firm could save enough time to add a fifth engagement. Not only will you save time and reduce costs, you’ll generate new revenue.

Generate Reports in a Snap

Tired of manual copy/pasting and reformatting your engagement reports? TCT Portal eliminates countless hours with easily generated, ready-to-go reports in seconds—with just a mouse click. You can even do this with certifications that don’t have a structured report.

Hands-free Organization

Stop manually gathering evidence and organizing it by requirement. TCT Portal automatically maps client evidence for you. Files are uploaded once and mapped everywhere they belong, even across compliance standards.

Less Client Handholding

Get out of the minutiae of managing your clients. TCT Portal’s automation sends task reminders for you and updates project status in real-time. Embedded explanations answer client questions before they ask them. Best yet, that real-time visibility on status and assignments means you can easily track and communicate with your clients.

TCT has been such a lifesaver for us, because it’s a huge timesaver. Our job is extremely complex, and we love having a tool that produces the report for us.”

Sherri Collis
Principal Consultant, Online Business Systems

Compliance Software for Assessors & Service Providers


$499/ MO
  • Includes 5 Clients
  • Includes 15 Users
  • Unlimited certifications
  • Hosting: either US/EU
  • Free onboarding
  • Free training
  • Free setup
  • Free configuration
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$4,999/ MO
  • Includes 50 Clients
  • Includes 115 Users
  • Unlimited certifications
  • Hosting: either US/EU
  • Free onboarding
  • Free training
  • Free setup
  • Free configuration
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$9,499/ MO
  • Includes 100 Clients
  • Includes 215 Users
  • Unlimited certifications
  • Hosting: either US/EU
  • Free onboarding
  • Free training
  • Free setup
  • Free configuration
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Additional Features Available

Pro Bundle ($750.00 / month / year), including:
  • API access
  • Ticket generation (to JIRA / Service Now)
  • Whitelabeling (of the TCT Portal for your organization)
Additional hosted environments ($500.00 / month / year)

Example: this allows an organization which chose to host out of the EU to expand to a secondary instance in the US (or vice versa)

Single Sign On (SSO) – Pricing Grid:
  • Less than 11 users = $2,000.00 one time setup fee
  • Less than 100 users = $500.00 / month / year
  • Less than 500 users = $1,000.00 / month / year

NOTE: An organization can start SSO with the <11 users package, and once they exceed 10 users, they graduate into the monthly program. Pricing above covers a single organization’s integration into SSO; if the customer needs to have additional entities involved in SSO, this will incur a one-time charge of $500 per additional organization requiring SSO integration.  User counts would total up for all organizations configured to determine a total count, and be allocated in alignment with the pricing grid above.

Custom Certification – Pricing Grid
  • Small = $1,000.00
  • Medium = $2,000.00
  • Large = $3,000.00
Custom Report – Pricing Grid
  • Small = $2,000.00
  • Medium = $3,000.00
  • Large = $4,000.00
Customized pricing provided for:
  • Service Provider Template Load
  • Assessor Report Text Load

Assessment Firm Breezes Through Client Engagements

Learn how TCT’s compliance management software helped assessment firm Online Business Systems reduce hundreds of man-hours and solve their biggest challenges on client engagements.


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