TCT Portal has eliminated one of the monumental pains of Assessor involved PCI compliance engagements: the Report on Compliance (ROC).

To be clear, we haven’t eliminated the ROC itself — but we have taken away all of the painful, onerous, time consuming, mind-numbing labor that goes into generating the Report on Compliance. All you have to do is click a button.

Seriously, that’s it. No editing, no reformatting, no copy/pasting, no hunting through hundreds of pages to fix this thing or that thing. This one feature in TCT’s compliance management system will save enough time per engagement to actually increase your profit margin.

How the hell is that even possible? The compliance software organizes all of the ROC content, in the background, as you complete your client engagement.

A Better Way to Build a ROC

In most cases, your Report on Compliance is a single Word doc that multiple people are working in. You take turns making manual updates to the same document, and pretty soon various people are making changes to the same paragraphs, on top of one another.

By the time the ROC goes to QA, it’s nearly impossible to tell who made changes to what items, and which Assessor was responsible for what.

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TCT Portal compliance management software was designed to make it easy for multiple people to work on an engagement at the same time. Rather than everybody centering around a single document and trying to make updates, each person works independently within the system to track particular items assigned to them. Each activity is logged so that it’s immediately clear who did what, and when.

Instead of passing the same document back and forth, with hundreds of requirements in it, you can take any particular requirement and move it up to QA when it’s ready. QA looks at that one requirement, processes it if it can be handled on its own, holds for other accompanying items they are awaiting delivery on or they process and send it back if there’s an issue. Or, you can move a chunk of requirements to QA at a time.

No matter how many people are working on an engagement, you have fewer hands touching each item. That means less confusion and mess, with greater fluidity of your engagement. Everyone can truly be working on the same engagement simultaneously while maintaining the workflow needed for each engagement.

By removing the workflow from the ROC document, you streamline the process and set yourself up for lightning-fast report generation.

The Easiest Report Generator You’ll Ever Find

Here’s where the magic happens. TCT Portal leverages the power of automation to do all of the mind-numbing, onerous report-related tasks for you.

  • Your documentation list is automatically created and updated, even as documents are added, removed, modified. Just click a button and it’s done for you.
  • Summary of Assessment Findings are automatically set for you, based on the information in each line item.
  • Relevant content is automatically imported into the report. There’s no hunting down disparate sources and copy/pasting text into the report.
  • Imported information is automatically formatted to your firm’s specifications. All of that painful and time-consuming reformatting is taken off your plate.
  • There’s no back-and-forth editing of ROC document — it already happened as elements were processed via the workflow through QA!

Just click a button and out pops your ROC and your Attestation of Compliance (AOC). The compliance software pulls all of the necessary information out of the TCT Portal requirement line items and imports it into the ROC. If your firm has custom templates or formats, the Portal follows your organization’s parameters.

It’s literally that easy.

What Other QSAs Are Saying

Online Business Systems was using spreadsheets and Word documents to manage and track their compliance engagements with clients. They took notes in Microsoft Excel then manually and painstakingly transferred them into Word to create the report. Often, that meant scrolling through the document to determine which requirements were still outstanding. There was constant checking and rechecking to be sure all the boxes were checked.

Then they switched to TCT Portal. “With TCT, we can collaborate on an engagement with other team members with a single tool that we can all use simultaneously. We can check the client status and know where we are in the process,” said Sherri Collis, Director, PCI Services at Online Business Systems.

“It’s one thing to have a tool that lets you capture notes and information,” Sherri said, “but to actually produce the reporting in the exact format that you need for the council was a big deal for us.”

Save Time and Increase Your Profits

Many Assessment Firms tend to limit the number of people involved in an engagement, in order to reduce the clutter and confusion. But that slows down the work and ramps up the pressure to crank it out. You could find yourself working 16-20 hour days and through the weekends.

With TCT Portal, you can bring in as many people as you need to crank out your deliverables fast. Your team won’t step on each other’s toes and the work goes just as smoothly as with one or two Assessors. Quit working yourself to death, and create some breathing room during your client engagements.

You’ll also boost your company’s bottom line. We priced this compliance management software to help firms become more profitable. In fact, if TCT Portal saves you just three hours per engagement per year across all of the gaggle of people in your organization, TCT Portal is paying for itself

TCT Portal’s report writing and generation alone will save more than three hours. All told, from beginning to end of an engagement, you could recover thousands of dollars per engagement.

Quit killing yourself and stop playing chicken with burnout. TCT makes compliance management suck less. See for yourself how easy a client engagement can be.

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