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Show Notes: Mistakes Organizations Make with Their Assessor

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On this week’s episode, we dig into the assessor realm a little deeper to understand the common mistakes companies make with their Assessors. Why are organizations so scared of Assessors? Are companies engaging their Assessor too late? How are you prepping for your onsite? Are Assessors actually humans or are we dealing with cyborgs??? We’ll cover all these topics and more, on this week’s episode of Compliance Unfiltered!

Highlights include:

  • Why are organizations so scared of Assessors?
  • Mistakes companies make
  • Should you hire based on price?
  • What about presentation style when delivering info to the Assessor?
  • Prepping for the annual onsite
  • Are Assessors REALLY human?
  • Mistakes regarding evidence storage
  • Parting thoughts

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