Smart executives realize the business impact that security and compliance have on their organizations. It’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of your compliance engagements, without getting lost in the weeds or wasting your time micromanaging the compliance team.

It’s also nearly impossible to do effectively, which means you’re never really as informed as you need to be. But TCT Portal provides better visibility for executives, and it’s lightning-quick.

Executives Need Better Compliance Status Reports

For the CFO, the greatest priority of compliance management is all about making the most of what you have, and doing it in a timely manner. Your company’s security and compliance program isn’t small, and it isn’t easy. Managing compliance takes a lot of time, which is a huge drain on the most expensive (and often the most scarce) resources of the organization.

Compliance comes with a tremendous amount of complexity, which creates a lot of opportunity for wasted time and inefficiencies. Most organizations throw away tens of thousands of dollars (or more) per year on unoptimized compliance engagements.

Typically, organizations have no good way of tracking those numbers efficiently. To do so requires hours of work for every status update — which, of course, only adds to the problem you’re trying to solve. Your efforts at improving efficiency actually create more inefficiencies!

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CEOs and sales leaders understand the impact of compliance on both customer acquisition and retention. On the one hand, staying out of the headlines prevents an exodus of customers. On the other hand, more and more customers are paying attention to companies that have their ducks in a row in the realm of cybersecurity.

If your priority is to gain and retain customers, you care about the status of your security and compliance engagements.

The great frustration for most executives is the fact that compliance status is opaque and uncertain. Even when you can get a status report, it takes too long to receive and it’s likely old data by the time you review it. You never really know what the situation is.

But TCT Portal takes away that uncertainty — and the inefficiencies of generating status reports.

Live Compliance Updates at a Glance

TCT’s clients care a lot about compliance status, which is a good thing. But it seemed insane to us that it would take several hours to generate a simple status update. So we attacked that problem and created real-time status reports you can view at a glance.

TCT Portal gives you the status information you need in a handy dashboard, with the click of a mouse button.

  • No more waiting.
  • No more outdated data.
  • No more diverting compliance personnel from their core work.

TCT Portal makes it easy to track and manage the team statistics you need to see:

  • What is the overall status of the engagement?
  • What tasks and activities have been completed?
  • What tasks are overdue?
  • What has been validated and done correctly?

All of that data is available for immediate review and oversight in TCT Portal.

Dread Checking Compliance Engagement Status? Do It in Under 15 Minutes.

TCT Portal Reports for Executives

TCT Portal provides three dashboard views that are especially useful for executive leaders. You can view the information visually or view the numbers in a grid layout.

Status view

Screenshot of TCT Portal's Status View

This is an overall dashboard view that provides a high level understanding of the overall workflow status. See at a glance what items are in your team’s hands, what has been pushed up to your Consultant or Assessor, what’s in the Assessor’s QA, and what has been completed.

Assigned view

Screenshot of Assigned View in TCT Portal

Need to see who is working on which items? Flip a switch and see one more granular level down. This view displays specific individuals and the items assigned to them. Not only can this view help identify bottlenecks, it can help you spot upcoming problems.

For example, let’s say you’re on a PCI engagement and you have 500 different requirements to clear. You see that you only have 200 items left on the engagement. Hey, that’s great! You’re 60 percent done. But when you look at the Assigned view, you realize that one individual is assigned to 140 of the 200 remaining items. And that person happens to be critical to the organization for operational duties.

You could have a problem brewing, but you’ve caught the problem in time to make adjustments quickly.

Operational Mode view

Screenshot of TCT Portal's Operational Mode

After you’ve achieved compliance, you need to maintain it on an ongoing basis. Various items need to be completed on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis. TCT Portal calls this Operational Mode to help keep organizations on track with their compliance responsibilities. There’s a handy dashboard specifically for this aspect of your compliance.

The Operational Mode view makes it easy to see all of your team’s overdue and upcoming items. The live data makes it clear at a glance if you’re behind on any existing tasks and provides insight into those upcoming tasks so the team can be prepared for them.

View Compliance Data Where You Want

As easy as it is to view your compliance status information in TCT Portal, we realized it still requires you to go to an application that you probably don’t use very often. So we made it easy to bring the data to the internal dashboards the C-Suite is presently leveraging.

TCT’s API allows you to extract status information and integrate it with your other executive dashboards for the company. View compliance status alongside other data you need to track. The status information is real-time data at the moment it’s pulled.

Get Real-time Compliance Status Updates

TCT Portal makes it easy to get the information you need to run your business efficiently and effectively. Streamline your operations, keep your finger on the pulse of compliance engagements, and allow your personnel to focus their energies on the actual work of compliance, not reporting — so they can get back to positively contributing to their operational responsibilities.

Need a better way to stay up to date on your compliance status? Let’s talk!

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