How many hours do you think you spend each year just trying to get a sense of your compliance engagement’s current status? Hopefully, you’re having weekly status meetings with your compliance team. (If you aren’t, start this week!) To prepare for those meetings, you’ll need to know who has done what since last week, and whether they’ve done it correctly.

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Prep work for compliance status meetings means sifting through emails, voicemails, text messages, file servers, and drop zones, looking for new files. Hopefully you can figure out which files go with which requirements. Then, you have to go in and process all those inputs and update their status on the correct spreadsheets. And while you’re trying to process everything, people are typically sending their files over the wall at the last minute, because the meeting is coming. It takes all that work just to figure out that John Doe didn’t send anything this week.

Even on a light week, that’s a good two hours of prep time for most team leaders. In heavier weeks, it can easily be three to five hours. Over the course of a year, most compliance team leaders are spending more than 150 hours on nothing more than figuring out the status of their compliance engagement. And then there’s the hours that team members are spending to figure out their own status.

But what if you could slash those wasted hours to almost nothing — say, a tenth of that time?

Meet TCT Portal Dashboard

TCT Portal’s Dashboard eliminates all of the manual labor you’re currently doing to figure out the status of your compliance efforts. The Dashboard is your central location to go and see at a glance how the engagement is coming along and what needs your attention first.

On a typical week, you could get all the information you need for your next status meeting in 15 minutes or less. All the information is already there, all in one spot, live and organized the way you need.

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Let’s take a look at the TCT Portal Dashboard to see how you can get the most out of it and eliminate wasted time and headaches.

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All the data you need in one spot

The Dashboard gives you a complete overview of the entire compliance engagement. Everything you need to know about the status of your project is right here.

There are two main areas of the Dashboard: Section Status and Open Issues. Section Status shows high-level information about the workflow of the engagement. You can view progress toward completion by:

  • Compliance section
  • Individual assignments
  • Reporting workflow
  • Overdue items

The Open Issues area displays a list of requirements that need work. You can slice and dice this list to view:

  • Items assigned to you
  • Overdue items
  • Items by status
  • Items by section
  • Items by priority

When you run your engagement in Operational Mode, this area displays everything that’s due this quarter and everything that’s overdue. Items are organized so you can easily stay on top of ongoing compliance tasks with no question about who needs to do what, when. It’s clear as day, and it’s right there at your fingertips. Ongoing compliance management couldn’t be easier!

Live data at a glance

The most exciting thing about the Dashboard is that all of the data is live. All of your manual activities are eliminated, and all you have to do is open the Dashboard and view the data. Because TCT Portal is the only tool you need for managing and tracking compliance, the Dashboard can display every status-related piece of information there is to know — updated to the minute.

Jump to work

The Dashboard is purely for viewing information, but with a single click you can go straight to the items themselves and start working on them. Depending on your needs, you can open a single item, all the items assigned to you, items assigned to someone else, all the items within a requirement, or in a certain section of the workflow.

Quickly and easily get to the stuff that you want. Need to view Bob Smith’s tasks? View them with a single click. Want to see everything that’s in the auditor’s hands? Boom. There it is.

Customize your views

Some people view data best in a table. Others like to see visualizations like graphs. The Section Status area of the Dashboard lets you toggle between a table view and a graph view. This can also be useful for quick status reporting to directors — just grab a screenshot and drop the graphs into a report or slide deck.

Also, different people on your team will need to see different sets of data, based on their roles. The Dashboard lets you create your own personal settings so that you always come back to the view you like to use most.

Compliance Status at a Glance

Quit wasting valuable time every week and say goodbye to painful manual labor. With TCT Portal’s Dashboard, you can take 15 minutes before your weekly status call to get your bearings, and jump straight into the meeting. It’ll save your team hundreds of hours each year.

TCT is running a lot more engagements than we should be able to do, just because we use TCT Portal. It makes us so much more efficient that we can add more engagements to our active list, without increasing staff count. Imagine the productivity you could enjoy.

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