What if I told you that you could recover hundreds of man-hours on your compliance efforts, just from status updates alone? Seriously.

Years ago, I was stuck in the Stone Age of compliance, before TCT Portal. I was helping a client become compliant, and we only had rudimentary tools available to us. We tracked the status of every requirement line item in a spreadsheet. It was hundreds of rows long and each item needed to be manually updated as its status changed.

When you’re stuck in the Stone Age, every little task becomes a painful chore—even something as simple as getting weekly status updates. How painful did it get? Plenty.

We had weekly calls with a team of seven so we could make those status updates. I spent hours of prep each week deciphering last week’s status meeting notes, and piecing together the status from all of the inputs coming to me. By the time I was finished, it was already out of date.

During each status call, we went through open line items in the compliance standard that were still outstanding on the sheet. There could be hundreds of open items on any given week. It could take easily another hour or two to get every update and enter comments in the spreadsheet.

When you run the numbers, that’s over 200 man-hours of status calls alone—not including the prep time!

It’s insane to think that keeping up with status should take hundreds of man-hours per compliance standard. Who has the time or emotional bandwidth for that? But that’s life in the Stone Age—everything takes more work and more time.

TCT Portal was created to get you out of the Stone Age and into the Digital Age. One of the ways it does that is by giving you real-time status updates you don’t have to work for.

Real-time Status That’s Unreal!

TCT Portal is self-serve compliance tracking software that takes you from the Stone Age to the Digital Age. The application uses automation to give you all the information you need at a glance, without any work on your end.

When you check the status of anything in TCT Portal, you’re looking at live data. There’s no manual updating. No last-minute scramble before the status meeting. The compliance software automatically updates the status whenever there’s any kind of activity in the system. You can see it in real time.

Everyone on your team can filter the view to see only the items they’re responsible for. They’ll immediately know what’s on their plate, and what the status of each item is. No more line items slipping through the cracks, getting lost in the jungle of spreadsheets between the names of other team members!

Infographic: 5 Ways Compliance Software Makes Assessments Easy

Amazingly Quick Status Calls

With TCT Portal, you’ll still need status calls, but now you’re only spending 15 minutes on the call. You can instantly go into the certification and look at everything that’s happened since the last meeting. There’s no wasted time trying to figure out each item—and there’s no need for prep time, either!

Instead of trying to figure out the status of every outstanding line item, you can spend your call quickly addressing a few items that need to be discussed and jumping into accountability and issue resolution. It’s incredibly efficient, and immeasurably more effective at gaining progress week-to-week. And the cost of each meeting is reduced to a few dollars.

Bonus: if you go into the Portal and see that everyone is on track for their items this week, you can cancel the status meeting altogether!

Daily Automated Status Updates

Here’s one of the things I love about TCT Portal’s automation. Everybody on your team gets morning reminders of their outstanding items. So even if they don’t go into TCT Portal, there’s no excuse for not knowing their own status.

To do that without the Portal, you’d have to take the spreadsheet, filter it by team member, and manually copy each person’s outstanding items into a separate email and send it to them. Every morning. TCT Portal does it for you, with no effort on your part.

Jump into the Digital Age!

There’s a better way to manage compliance—and it doesn’t involve spending the best years of your life deciphering compliance status. Join the digital age and enjoy real-time status updates that free you up for work you enjoy. Why stay stuck in the Stone Age, with tools that only create more work and more stress?

Check out TCT Portal and see what compliance automation software can do for your company.


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