When your organization made the sudden move to a fully remote workforce, you had to make a lot of logistical and process decisions in a very short time. Chances are, there are some unresolved technical issues. Those issues could have a major impact on your company’s security, as well as your employees’ productivity.

TCT’s latest on-demand webinar reveals the technical issues that every work-from-home company needs to address. In under 30 minutes, you’ll discover the critical areas that organizations often forget about when employees work remotely.

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TCT has always been a fully remote company. We’re uniquely positioned to help you figure out how to make it work for your organization.

Advanced Work from Home Tips is the second webinar in our work-from-home series. You can watch both webinars here.

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What You’ll Get from the Webinar

Advanced Work from Home Tips is designed for IT leaders and practitioners, security, and compliance professionals. You’ll get helpful and expert recommendations on the following topics:

Corporate Security

How can you ensure your company data stays safe when you don’t have control over your employees’ work environment? We’re seeing increased phishing attempts, and new scams that target work-from-home employees. It’s more critical than ever to protect your organization from malicious attack.

Environment and equipment

Video conferencing means your employees could be sharing sensitive information without realizing it. Whether it’s hacked cameras or information left in view during a call, data leakage opportunities are always present.

There’s also the possibility of lost data in the event of an equipment meltdown. We’ll give you some best practices to avoid costly errors.


If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve probably noticed the headlines surrounding video conferencing software. How do you make smart decisions that balance usability, security, and quality?

There’s also the role of your employees’ home network and the devices that are connected to it — both for business and personal use. How do you ensure your workers can keep working and collaborating with the rest of their teams?

We’ll address these issues and provide helpful insights.


Do your employees know what to do when the internet goes out? We’ll talk about the best ways to reboot an internet connection and how to help your workers stay connected while also protecting your data.

It’s Our Mission to Help

TCT was founded on a vision to support every person who deals with compliance — those who need to prove compliance, auditors and assessors, even vendors and partners. In the five-plus years since it was launched, TCT Portal has helped more and more companies experience compliance satisfaction than they ever thought possible.

Learn more about the mission we’re on

Check out Advanced Work from Home Tips now. Get an advanced dive into the security and compliance issues that were created by your transition to a remote workforce. Discover how to develop policies and procedures that protect your company when you can’t control your employees’ workspaces.

While you’re there, watch our basic on-demand webinar. Designed for every employee in your company, the basic webinar gives thoughtful tips for making your work-from-home experience as productive and healthy as possible.

Check out the webinars now


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