Compliance can be painful when life is normal. Add on the turbulence of our current world and the organizational upheaval of the coronavirus, and compliance feels downright impossible. It can be tempting to let go of certain responsibilities and loosen your standards a bit.

I get that. Something’s got to give, and compliance doesn’t feel like it has the immediate impact of some other operational concerns, such as sales and customer support. Your biggest challenge right now is keeping your business afloat. But maintaining compliance is more critical now than it ever has been.

As your employees are working from home, your organization’s data is more susceptible to exposure and loss. You have less direct control over security and more opportunity for disaster. The coronavirus pandemic has inspired new threats, and employees everywhere are unaware of the latest scams.

Many organizations are facing once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) challenges that force the need to do more with less. Taking advantage of streamlining opportunities today will help make most effective use of your precious resources, and simultaneously bring those efficiencies into your organization once we’re through all of this.

While remaining hyper-focused on business operations is important, we will get past this. Keeping your compliance activities on track through this period will be important both now and down the road.

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Companies that were using TCT Portal compliance software before the pandemic are finding themselves in a better position to go through uncertainty with less pain and chaos.

Reducing Compliance Chaos During Coronavirus

TCT’s customers have an easier time of weathering the chaos of disruption, because their compliance management process was already streamlined and highly automated. The chaos of compliance had been eliminated before the coronavirus ever came along.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to streamline your compliance efforts, and now is a great time to get started. TCT Portal meets three basic needs that your company has right now:

  • Organization—TCT Portal organizes your compliance management process into a cohesive, well-oiled machine. You can assign tasks to specific people, with due dates. Make it clear what’s expected and when.
  • Automation—The more you can automate the compliance management process, the easier it is to maintain compliance remotely.
  • ONE place for all of your compliance materials—If you’re collecting compliance evidence in several ways across a series of submission channels, you’re running the risk of losing track of documents and spending time needlessly managing these inefficiencies. Instead, set up a single submission process that makes it easy for people to submit their evidence. You’ll collect everything in one place and you’ll always know what you’ve got.

TCT Portal makes it possible for work-from-home teams to manage compliance effectively and confidently. The compliance management tool provides the automation and streamlining that are vital for remote organizations. Maintaining compliance has never been so easy with one secure, convenient place to manage it all.


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More Than a Software

Not only is TCT Portal a different kind of compliance tool, but Total Compliance Tracking has been a different kind of company from Day One. We were founded on the mission to help companies that are wasting precious resources in the security and compliance space. TCT is centered around an underlying desire to help others in a real and meaningful way.

TCT was founded on a vision to support every person who deals with compliance — those who need to prove compliance, auditors and assessors, even vendors and partners. It’s not a motto, it’s a real, genuine desire to make things better for people suffering through compliance management inefficiencies.

We’re here to help your organization achieve its purpose and stay secure, even in the midst of historic disruptions. TCT was born in the middle of the biggest recession since the Great Depression. We know firsthand what it’s like to try to find your way in uncharted waters.

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Today, although we’re in the middle of a new reality, Total Compliance Tracking is seeing familiar territory. We’ve had to navigate through uncertainty, and we’re in a position to help other organizations learn from our experiences.

TCT can help you make sense of a remote workforce. We can help you master your compliance management in the middle of chaos. And we’ll do everything we can to support your organization as you look for solutions to your security, compliance, and technical needs.


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