These days, the Thanksgiving holiday seems to have even more meaning than it used to. I think we’re all taking stock of our good fortunes a bit more seriously than before the pandemic. While there has been loss and turmoil in most of our lives during this time, the reasons for gratitude shine more brightly. And we hold them more dearly.

For us at TCT, we have plenty of reasons to be grateful. And they start with our clients.

Gratitude for Our Clients

This may be obvious, but we wouldn’t be a company if we didn’t have customers. It’s a reality we don’t take for granted. At the end of the day, our clients are the reason that TCT exists at all. We strive to treat our customers right, in every interaction we have with them — no matter how minor that interaction may be.

For me personally, it’s very rewarding to see client relationships blossom when we’re doing our best work and the customer sees the effort that’s invested into them. It makes me thankful to have those kinds of relationships with our customers. We’re very fortunate to have such terrific clients.

I recently spoke with a gentleman who has been a customer of ours for years. He had been using TCT Portal at his organization, and eventually moved onto another company. When he saw the system they were using for compliance, he introduced us to his new employer. Years later, when he moved to a third job, he brought us to that organization as well.

This is our most recent story, but it isn’t the only one. We’ve had multitudes of customers that introduced us to people they know. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for those introductions, especially since they’re under no obligation to do so.

This year more people than ever discovered what we can do for their security and compliance program. It’s fun to see new people discovering our compliance management software for the first time, because they get so excited about the tool. Their eyes light up and that’s awesome to behold.

Thankfulness for Our Staff

I’m also thankful for the good people at TCT who are so committed to the work here and have supported the vision which is TCT. While the Great Resignation is affecting organizations in nearly every industry, the fact is that TCT has grown since the start of the pandemic!

TCT as a company doesn’t rest on the shoulders of any one person. We don’t have one all-star who carries the team. Everybody here is making significant impacts for the good of the company, and I’m thankful for that culmination of group effort.

Having a team like ours puts us in a stronger position to help our customers and to be someone our partners can count on. The more efficient we make our customers’ resources, the more we can help to lighten their load. In some small way, we can help them do more with what they have.

When I embarked on this crazy adventure, it was just me. I’m incredibly grateful for the people who have come on board and invested themselves in this shared mission to make compliance management suck less for our customers.

Hope for the Future

TCT is about doing things properly. This is a company that actually cares about its customers, and I hope our customers know how valued they are.

TCT has been in a fun adventure, and we’re seeing it all come together right now. The momentum of the last 18 months makes me very thankful in spite of the turmoil we’ve all been through. I’m looking forward to what’s coming in the next year or two, and I know those that choose to come along for the ride will be thankful they did. This is just the start of good things that are coming.


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