End the Compliance Chaos—for Good

End the chaos that seems to be built into your yearly compliance cycle. TCT Portal is your all-in-one platform for organizing and managing all the moving parts of your compliance management. The web-based application combines automation with deep compliance expertise to give you a powerful tool that gives you total control and ordered sanity.

Compliance teams spend countless hours herding cats, scratching their heads, entering data into spreadsheets, searching for missing pieces and trying to find answers online. Communicating with auditors isn’t always easy, and collaboration on your team could be smoother. TCT Portal takes away all those frustrations and inefficiencies.

Take control of your compliance data. Ever notice that every audit or assessment firm seems to have its own method and place of collecting compliance evidence? With TCT Portal, you maintain full visibility and management of all of your compliance data, in a secure repository that you own and can use collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders. As TCT Portal preserves and protects each year’s compilation of evidence, your security posture - and ability to fly through annual audits - becomes easier each year. You spend less time searching for what happened last year and have the ability to use it as a starting point for your next audit cycle. Need to change audit or assessment firms? No worries. All previous compliance data remains fully accessible by you and your organization.

What You Get with TCT Portal

Automated Status Reminders

Send automated reminders to everyone on your team that tells them every item that they have outstanding. Want to keep your eye on a specific requirement? No problem. With the TCT Portal you can receive automated notifications within an hour if something happens.

Less Hounding

One of the biggest pains of managing compliance is nagging your coworkers, vendors and partners. Badgering them for files, tracking them down for status updates—it’s a waste of time and drives you nuts! TCT Portal ends all that. Our automated prompts do the badgering for you, and status information is updated in real time. You go do what you need to do—we’ll do the hounding.

Streamlined Submissions

People send you evidence through email, texts, fileshare links and hard copies tossed on your desk. It’s on you to wrangle it all into one central location, without anything falling through the cracks. TCT Portal makes it simple for anyone in your organization to submit any kind of document into a central location. It’s easy for them, and it dramatically streamlines the work for you.

Hands-free Organization

Tired of spending countless hours trying to organize evidence by requirement? TCT Portal maps your documentation to requirements so you have the right documentation connected to the right requirements. No more storing the same file in multiple locations—files are uploaded once and mapped everywhere they belong, including keeping track of documentation version control.

Live Status at a Glance

Start each compliance meeting with an accurate view of exactly where the project stands in terms of what is complete and still outstanding. If you’re managing your compliance efforts in Excel spreadsheets, you’ve got a lousy progress tracking tool—and hours of manual status updates preparing for every status call. TCT Portal takes that off your plate.

Head-start on Next Year

Is your compliance cycle a lot like Groundhog Day—starting from Square One every year? TCT Portal keeps you on track all year to cut your time by hundreds of man-hours. Daily, weekly and monthly tasks for the year’s audit are divided up into quarterly check-ins. Reminders start two weeks before the end of each quarter.

This helps your team stay on track and avoid surprises at the end of the year. Your company feels better because you now have a firm grasp on exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, and your auditor will feel better because they have empirical evidence your organization is taking your responsibilities seriously.

“You don’t have to build a solution from the ground up by yourself. You don’t have to try to come up with something on your own to make it work – it’s already been designed and perfected.” — Kim England, Chief Compliance Officer, Phoenix Financial





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