Total Compliance Tracking was born out of the ashes of total compliance chaos. The first time I sat in the compliance manager seat, I couldn’t imagine the ride I was strapping myself into. But it’s been a great ride, and I’m incredibly thankful that I’ve been able to share it with so many great people. It has been amazing to watch it all unfold—even if it did start with a lot of pain.

The journey was formational, but TCT would never be where it is today without the people who work for us, and the people TCT works for: our customers. Let me give you some snapshots.

Snapshot: Making a Difference in Security and Compliance

I recently talked with an organization that is subject to several security and compliance certifications. When they started using TCT Portal, they had about three certifications, and now they’re up to six. One of their folks was reflecting on the nightmare of tracking with spreadsheets before TCT Portal. Suddenly it dawned on me that they are managing six certifications in a mere fraction of the time it took them to do three before using the portal. That was a really fun moment.

I love watching customers go from simply poking around the portal to realizing a couple years later, “I can’t believe we did it the old way!” That’s what TCT is all about. The whole premise for TCT Portal has been to streamline the compliance activities that are a complete and utter waste of time. I think we’ve made a seismic difference in the compliance lives of those companies.

But more than that, we’ve made a difference in the way we do business. Here’s what I mean by that.

Snapshot: Devotion to Our Customers

TCT has always been an organization that takes customer input very seriously. We’re devoted to enhancing and extending TCT Portal’s capabilities to better serve the needs of our customers. We have even had some clients say they feel like they have their own internal development team in TCT!

I can’t think of a software release we’ve done in the last two years that didn’t have enhancements that originated from our customers. It has been fun watching TCT Portal grow with the help of those who live and breathe security and compliance. Every time we have another release, I can tell this customer, “I’m releasing your features.” I can also say, “By the way, here are five new features that come from other customers, too.” I love hearing customers say, “Thanks for taking care of my request, but whoever came up with this other feature, that was awesome!”

Snapshot: Where TCT is Headed

When I first started TCT, I had a couple of driving motivations for starting a business. First, I wanted to help companies that were needlessly wasting precious resources in the security and compliance space. It was centered around an underlying desire to help others in a real and meaningful way.

Second, I was only going to run my own business if it would be different from other organizations I had encountered. I wanted TCT to be a different kind of organization. It’s not lip service when I say that we really care about what we do. We care about helping people in the security and compliance space. It’s not a motto, it’s not some tagline. It’s a real, genuine desire to make things better for people suffering through inefficient compliance management procedures.

And that extends to the ultimate mission for TCT.

Snapshot: The Ultimate Mission

I wanted TCT to become an engine for doing good in the world. The endgame for TCT was never (and never will be) to line our pockets with profits. As we move forward, we will dedicate a major portion of our profits towards helping others beyond the compliance industry. Plans are still in development, but it will include charities and educational programs and helping others who haven’t been as fortunate or simply need help on their journey. That was always the objective for TCT, from Day One. And we’re closer than ever to seeing that happen.

Thank You!

So to our customers, employees and partners, I want to give you a tremendous thank-you. Thank you for joining me on this grand journey through security and compliance. Thank you for the privilege of working with you and for building a product that makes people’s lives better. Most of all, thank you for helping to make the chance to do good in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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