For Assessors, on-site visits with clients can be hellish.

While it’s good to spend time in person with your clients and build relationships with them, those on-site visits are grueling. It’s never easy to be away from your spouse and your kids. Responsibilities at home don’t get put on hold while you’re gone, either.

If you’ve been through it, you understand.

Joseph Kurfehs, President at Information Security Management (ISM), dreaded the mental and physical drain that came with on-site visits. “Your focus has to be on listening to the client and knowing what their needs are and what the regulations are, and how to apply the proper controls to them,” Joseph said. “And you’re focusing eight hours a day for four days straight. It’s completely draining.”

It can take a physical and mental toll on any Assessor. On-site compliance reviews are excruciating, because it means spending four or more days of being on site, having to remember various moving parts, being continually “on” and mentally sharp every moment, and constantly staying on the lookout for discontinuities. It’s mentally exhausting, and you get back home absolutely fatigued.

Meanwhile, you’ve missed another soccer game, or your spouse had to deal with a family issue on their own. December on-sites create added stress during the holidays.

But what if you could do your on-site visits in half the time, with just a fraction of the stress?

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How One Assessor Found Relief for On-site Reviews

Learn how TCT helped ISM make client collaboration a breeze.

TCT Portal Streamlines Your Engagements

TCT Portal compliance management system is designed to streamline your client engagements, making them quicker and easier to manage.

Track everything in real time

Stop wasting time trying to understand the status of your client’s progress. TCT Portal gives you real-time status on everything you need to know, at a glance. In a minute or two, you’ll know exactly which items are ready for review, what items are missing and who to talk to about them.

Preplanning lets you streamline the execution of your on-site process, saving a good deal of time during the assessment.

Ditch your notes and spreadsheets

Say goodbye to spreadsheets or taking notes offline from your central storage. With TCT Portal, you don’t have to enter information in a secondary location, only to turn it back around and port it out of there and into the actual audit storage location. Instead, you can enter notes directly into the Portal. You can even fill out your report text right there during your on-site interviews.

Eliminate the nightmare of redundancy and double entry — and the human error that goes with translating it from your notes to the audit repository and from there into the actual report.

Never hunt for evidence

With TCT Portal, there’s only one way for your client to submit documents. Our central repository organizes all of the evidence according to line item, so you always know exactly where to go to find it.

Need to go back and check your notes? You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for within seconds, because everything is organized in the proper place from the get-go.

Collaborate seamlessly

We designed the compliance software to allow teams of Assessors to do work simultaneously in the Portal without stepping on each other’s toes, including sending items back and forth to QA.

Regain Your Sanity

TCT’s compliance management system streamlines your client engagements — on-site visits and remote work — by days. ISM has reduced their client engagement times by 25 percent, but some Assessment firms can see as much as 60 percent less time.

Those on-site visits drop from four days to two, and you can take half of your Assessors with you. That means you’re maintaining that hyper focus for only a couple days. You aren’t as exhausted afterwards, and you don’t carry the after effects back home with you. Because you have a bit more time, your travel is less stressful.

The difference is immeasurable.

TCT Portal reduces your time on engagements even when you aren’t traveling. That means your 60- or 70-hour work weeks are now a manageable number of hours. Eliminate evening work and enjoy your family.

I recently had a conversation with an Assessor who wanted to make improvements and streamline their processes. The bonus is that the ripple impacts of efficiency meant reduced stress on personnel. When your Assessors spend less time on their work, it makes their world better and easier.

Joseph agreed. “It’s so much less stressful now,” he said. “TCT Portal has been a game-changer for us.”

TCT Portal makes it substantially easier to make use of the time you have. Travel less, reduce your workload, and see your family more. It opens up a lot of options and gives you a work lifestyle you can craft for yourself.

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