Information Security Management (ISM) has always had a passion for providing security, risk, and compliance services to help companies build an effective security program. But like most Assessment firms, they didn’t always love the compliance tools they were struggling to use.

ISM was relying on software that simply wasn’t designed for robustly managing compliance engagements. They tried using a suite of homegrown tools that were built within Microsoft Access, Word, and Excel, but that required a complex system of painful workarounds.

ISM also tried off-the-shelf Governance, Risk, and Compliance tools — only to put them right back on the shelf again. The GRC tools were expensive and loaded with features ISM would never need. They were also much too complex and difficult to use.

The software nightmare was taking a physical and mental toll on the team. On-site compliance reviews were excruciating, because it meant tracking every control in a spreadsheet on a small laptop. “We were going through 425 controls for PCI,” ISM president Joseph Kurfehs said. “We had to read them all. And they’re on a spreadsheet in a tiny little font, and you’re wearing glasses trying to focus in. Four days of that? You’re shot at the end of the engagement.”

It was taking months for ISM to finish a single client engagement. Something had to change.

Featured Case study

How One Assessor Found Relief for On-site Reviews

Learn how TCT helped ISM make client collaboration a breeze.

ISM Ends the Struggle

After searching for a year and a half, ISM found Total Compliance Tracking and discovered TCT Portal. It was an instant game-changer.

Our latest case study reveals how TCT Portal removed ISM’s overwhelming software frustrations with a system that was built specifically to handle compliance assessments. Total Compliance Tracking isn’t a software company that decided to develop a compliance tool — we’re a compliance company that saw the need for compliance management software that actually makes sense and automates the onerous work for you.

When ISM discovered TCT Portal, they found a compliance management software that could fit their workflow and streamline their client engagements beyond their expectations.

Compliance Management That’s Easy to Manage

TCT Portal was built with the needs of Assessment firms in mind. We have close partnerships with Assessors, and we understand the daily challenges that they face — both during on-site visits and while away from the client. Every functional software release includes enhancements in response to our clients’ input. You won’t find another compliance management tool that fits the way you work as well as TCT Portal does.

ISM has enjoyed every minute with TCT Portal. “It’s very intuitive, everything is where we expect it to be, and it flows the way we want,” Kurfehs said. “It’s so much less stressful now. TCT Portal has been a game-changer for us.”

Check out the ISM case study to discover how they realized:

  • A workflow that actually works. The tool’s flexibility allows ISM to work the way they want to work — during on-site or remote reviews and during report writing.
  • A stronger bottom line. ISM has cut assessment reviews in half, with smaller assessment teams — creating room to take on more clients.
  • Better cooperation with clients. Automation and built-in communication tools allow Assessors to know clients’ status at a glance.

TCT Portal Makes Compliance Manageable

Since using TCT Portal, ISM has gained control of their compliance engagements and maximized the value they deliver to their clients. They’re more effective, more profitable, and enjoying their work more than ever.

Looking for an easier way to manage your compliance engagements? You don’t have to struggle with complex systems that don’t make life any easier. TCT Portal is your tool for client engagements that are done the way YOU want. Find out how in our latest case study!

Featured Case study

How One Assessor Found Relief for On-site Reviews

Learn how TCT helped ISM make client collaboration a breeze.


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