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Show Notes: Compliance Spreadsheets or a CMS?

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Listen to our in-depth conversation about a topic that’s close to all our hearts in the compliance space: compliance spreadsheets. Specifically, how do they stack up against the compliance management software systems that are out there? Todd and Adam explore the pitfalls of the spreadsheet approach, and why compliance pros have a hard time leaving their macros behind. Adam breaks down exactly what to look for in a compliance management software and what type of ROI you can expect compared to your old spreadsheets. All this and more, on this week’s edition of Compliance Unfiltered.

On this episode:

  • A compliance spreadsheet horror story
  • Why do people love their spreadsheets so much?
  • Downfalls of the spreadsheet approach
  • What to look for in a compliance management system
  • How to look at ROI

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