When I think about Independence Day, the day when the nation declared itself and came into existence, it strikes me in a very personal way. This has always been a nation of immigrants, so like millions of others before me, I immigrated to the United States (from Canada, after high school).

I’ve benefited from this country and this society that was birthed over 200 years ago. It’s in the very bones of this nation that hard work and intestinal fortitude can make the American Dream come true.

But it’s how you use that freedom that makes the difference.

What Is Freedom For?

There are people who take advantage of those benefits to amass astronomical levels of personal wealth. Some people use it to take advantage of others. Many don’t use those benefits at all.

Then there those few who simply care about their fellow citizens. They use the opportunities our country affords to truly care about the wellbeing of others. It’s my dream for TCT to live in this category.

Pursuing the American Dream

As an immigrant to the United States, and now as a naturalized citizen, I’ve been able to experience the benefits that independence has provided. It’s been good, and has driven me to create something that actually makes a difference in this world.

I worked my way up the corporate ladder and I got high enough up to see what drove the people who ran these businesses. It disillusioned me a bit, and it drove me to seek my own independence.

I started Total Compliance Tracking with the determination to be different. I wanted to use my vocational independence to help people and effect change on individuals and organizations — to help them navigate the compliance waters that were overwhelming and turbulent.

The overarching mission of TCT is to help people, and to be a machine for doing good, to take care of the staff who help us succeed, and to turn profits toward good causes. None of that would have been possible in a country that didn’t value the independence we enjoy every day.

Capturing the American Dream

It’s been fun to watch TCT Portal become a powerful compliance management tool. It allows organizations and assessors to gain their own independence from painful compliance processes. Being a part of that journey to independence is incredibly rewarding.

For example, we led a demo the other day, and the customer told us how disheartened she had become. She had been struggling to find the right compliance management tool for her needs, traveling down the demo route for weeks, trying to find a solution from big and expensive systems. It got to the point where she would just cut demos short, because it was clear that they couldn’t provide what she was looking for. She just wanted something that would help her manage compliance better. Period.

When she sat in on TCT’s demo, she cut us short, too — but this time, it was to say, “Alright, alright, I’m sold! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

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I love it every time someone new sees the light and realizes they can gain their independence from that painful process of compliance.

Freedom to Serve

We’ve structured TCT Portal so that it’s affordable enough to be a no-brainer decision for anyone struggling with their existing compliance process. We’re not likely to become a Fortune 500 company, but that’s not what independence is about at TCT. For us, we celebrate the freedom we have to invest into other people’s lives.

I hope you’ll celebrate our nation’s independence with that kind of freedom. Happy Independence Day to you!

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