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TCT Portal was built by a team that has lived in the trenches of compliance for years. We developed the compliance management software so that assessors and their clients won’t have to go through the pain that we once endured.



Real-time Status

Know the task status of every requirement and each person on your team, at a glance. The live dashboard updates status information in real time. Check which documents have been submitted, which are missing, and who is responsible for getting them to you. All in real time.

Boost Your ROI

If your company is using your own system to manage compliance, you’re wasting valuable time, money and business opportunities. TCT Portal helps assessment firms and their clients free up hundreds of man-hours and tens of thousands of dollars each year.

How much time and money will TCT Portal recover for your company? See it for yourself!

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Streamline Submissions

Simplify your submissions with a streamlined method that’s easy for everyone. Better yet, submitted evidence is automatically tied to the right set of requirements—so you don’t have to figure out which requirement the evidence was intended for.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Work simultaneously with other team members in one simple compliance software tool. Communicate with your team through the portal and track your communications for future reference. All your teamwork is located in one central spot for easy collaboration and record-keeping.

Operational Mode

You’ve achieved compliance! Now stay on track maintaining compliance all year long. The compliance automation software spells out everything you need to do to keep on-track. Periodic reminders are sent to the right people at the right time, so tasks are clear and manageable.

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“We’d been introduced to a lot of different compliance software portals, and a lot of them were just way too complex to wrap your fingers around them. I had lost faith in a lot of those compliance tools. But Adam was a recovering PCI person and was able to feel our pain. He’d been there before.”

—Steve Levinson, Vice President, Risk, Security and Privacy, Online Business Systems

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