If it feels like you have to hold people’s hands more than you used to, that’s because you probably do.

Today’s labor shortages and trending employee churn are impacting your ability to manage compliance.

The Great Resignation is impacting productivity everywhere, and it has implications for your ability to manage compliance effectively. Every time a team member gets pulled out or dropped in, your ability to manage compliance smoothly takes a hit.

You have a heck of a lot of balls in the air during a compliance engagement. Many people from various departments and organizations need to be involved. You’re relying on every team member to step up and help get your company across the finish line in time for your annual Assessment. You don’t have the luxury of easing new people into their roles.

But you can minimize the impact of staffing shortages on your compliance engagement. It’s possible to run a streamlined process, even in the midst of staffing changes and employee churn.

The Impact of Employee Churn

One of the singularly greatest challenges of managing compliance is simply holding the whole thing together — knowing who has what assignment, what has been done, and when. You need to know if each task was done correctly, and if it needs to be sent back for corrections.

Maintaining continuity in your compliance program means putting your finger on each of those things. Heaven help you if the person at the center of your compliance engagement is no longer there. And that time will come. At some point, they will go on medical leave, they’ll change jobs, or they’ll retire.

It isn’t just the turnover on your team that you’re dealing with. There’s also the turnover on your vendors’ and Assessors’ teams as well. Their personnel come and go. Changes in roles, responsibilities, and personnel are constantly happening, and without notice.

The key to keeping your compliance program on the rails is being able to maintain continuity, no matter who’s on your team. And the key to continuity is a centralized body of knowledge.

Compliance management gets thrown into chaos when people don’t know what to do, how to do it, or what passes muster. It’s a knowledge gap. Maintain your team’s body of knowledge and you maintain continuity, even when you have personnel churn.

That centralized body of knowledge comes with an automated compliance management system like TCT Portal.

Maintain Continuity with a Compliance Management System

When you have a compliance management system in place, everything is contained in one spot: all of the changes, the assignments, the questions back and forth, the activities that get completed and the ones that don’t. You have a central repository for literally everything related to your compliance engagement.

That’s invaluable for running a compliance engagement, because the next time those items come back around, you have a history of evidence and activities and communications that you can refer back to — whether you’re a veteran or a newbie.

When your team members leave, you don’t have them to go and lean on to ask questions or fill in the blanks. But if you have a record of everything in one place, it’s like tapping into that shared organizational knowledge that you’ve built over time.

So when Brett leaves your company, you aren’t starting from square one.

What items was Brett responsible for, before he moved on? It’s right there in the compliance management system.

What did he provide as evidence for all those items? What adjustments did he need to make and what finally passed muster for the Assessor? Quickly find it in the compliance software.

Wasn’t he trying to get answers to this or that question last year? Check the communication records in the compliance management platform.

Imagine for a moment that you don’t have a compliance management system (this may not be hard to do!). When Mary comes in to replace Brett, she has the unenviable task of learning everything from scratch.

  • She’s making the mistakes that Brett learned to avoid.
  • She’s taking dozens of hours to research the questions he had the answers to.
  • She’s interrupting coworkers to get help that Brett no longer needed.

As a result, it isn’t just her work that’s taking longer — she’s slowing down the entire team.

On the other hand, if you’re using a compliance management system, you can mirror all of Brett’s assignments from last year and simply replace his name with Mary’s. Now she knows what she needs to do, and she can reference last year’s compliance track as her point of truth for all of her questions.

TCT Portal solves the inefficiencies when there’s turnover in your vendors’ or Assessor’s teams as well. Because they can also have access to the platform, they can look at your previous year’s records and get quickly caught up to speed.

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Compliance Management

If you don’t have that kind of repository of knowledge, the amount of burned time and wasted effort is astronomical. For the person who’s walking in cold, you’re eating a ton of wasted time. But TCT Portal’s centralized repository preserves your company’s shared knowledge and maintains continuity, no matter how much turnover you’re experiencing.

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