You’ve been through the agonizing security and compliance process before, and this year’s audit is coming your way, fast. It’ll be total compliance chaos as you try to herd the cats and badger your people to submit documentation.

And good luck keeping tabs on your status throughout the process! A simple check-in with your team involves onerous meetings that take more time to prep for than they do to run.

And it’s not just the internal compliance engine that sputters. Collaborating with your assessor has its own insanity-inducing moments. Simply tracking down and getting a specific document to your auditor can be an exercise in frustration, as your email chains get longer by the day.

There’s got to be a better way of preparing for your audit—some method or software tool to make the compliance assessment process easier and simpler. Good news: you’re right! There is a better way. With TCT Portal compliance software, you can simplify both your internal and external auditing process and make it much less painful.

Our latest infographic reveals five major ways TCT Portal takes the chaos out of the compliance and assessment process.

infographic - 5 Ways Compliance Software Makes Assessments Easy

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Automation Software Streamlines Your Compliance

How can TCT Portal streamline your compliance process? Here are the highlights.

  1. Know your status in real time. Our live dashboard is updated in real time, so you see the live state of your whole team involved in the workflow (internal, service providers and assessors).
  2. Link your documentation to related requirements. Link similar evidence across your certification, connected at the requirement level, keeping all your document management in sync.
  3. Prompt your people automatically. Tired of hounding people for documentation? Our compliance tracking software sends automated reminders.
  4. Use one submission method. TCT Portal gives you a single submission method that’s easy for everyone.
  5. Store everything in one place. Just go to your instance of TCT Portal, and all the evidence is right where it needs to be.

Download and share the infographic!

Take the Chaos Out of Compliance

The first step to ending compliance chaos is to talk about it with your compliance team. Download the infographic and use it to start that conversation.

Take control of your compliance process and master compliance management with ease. See how simple it can be—schedule your live demo today.


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