If your company needs to prove compliance, you’re probably using your own home-grown system to manage the process, collect evidence and track your progress. And that means you’re wasting hundreds of man-hours—and tens of thousands of dollars per year. I guarantee it.

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the ROI that TCT Portal delivers to a typical company. The numbers were based on my consulting experience with organizations, and I concluded that your compliance team is spending as much as 200-300 percent more time than necessary on compliance activities. I estimated that you’re dedicating over 800 hours per year managing compliance, which translates to $32,000 per year on compliance activities alone.

I also had the chutzpah to claim that TCT Portal could reduce your compliance time by 68 percent and save your company $20,000 in a single year. I threw out some numbers to back my claim, but let’s be honest: those figures don’t match your organization’s reality.

Run the Numbers for Your Company

So let’s put some real numbers behind the hype. We’ve developed an ROI calculator you can use to project expected authentic returns on your own company’s investment into TCT Portal. Enter the actual numbers for your organization and see what kind of time and cost recovery you could realistically gain with the portal.

Run the numbers for your company.

ROI calculator

Save Time, Money and Headaches

TCT Portal was built to help companies slay the dragon of compliance chaos. That means freeing up tens—even hundreds—of man-hours each year. I’ve been the guy in the eye of the hurricane, trying to track the activities, documentation and status of our compliance efforts across individuals, teams and the entire organization. I know the stress of herding cats and coordinating multiple moving parts with a looming deadline.

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It’s a monstrous job, and it’s nearly impossible to do it the right way if you’re relying on manual processes and homegrown tools. TCT Portal alleviates all the wasted energy and streamlines your effort using automation. The portal was developed specifically for security and compliance activities. It gives you everything you need for compliance management, and nothing you don’t need.

What’s YOUR Company’s ROI?

Everything we do at TCT is designed to make you more efficient, more effective and happier at work. That’s why we priced TCT Portal so affordably—the decision should be an absolute no-brainer for every business. The net result is that you’re saving time, generating greater profits and growing your business more effectively.

How much time and money will TCT Portal recover for your company? See it for yourself!

Show me the numbers!


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