Hats off to you, compliance assessors, because you love your clients and you do important work to help them stay in business. But let’s be honest a moment. Sometimes, a client engagement feels like you’ve stumbled upon a burning building—and everyone is running around looking for the water bucket. Everything is total chaos and no one seems to know which end is up.

We’ve been there. Our team has seen every aspect of compliance—auditing, consulting and even as compliance officers knee-deep in the trenches. So we get what you go through when you have to go through a messy engagement.

That’s why Total Compliance Tracking built TCT Portal. It’s designed for compliance assessment firms that want a better way to create order out of compliance chaos. Check out this slideshare, which tells the story how TCT Portal makes client engagements smoother and saner for compliance assessors.

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Say Goodbye to Client Chaos

The platform makes assessors’ dreams come true. How? Here are some highlights from the deck.

What’s the Status?

The dream: Your client has done their homework and they’re ready to go! They’re on top of all their documents, and they know where everything is and what requirement it’s for.

The reality: Your client doesn’t know what they need to do, what evidence is required, or what documents they even have.

Don’t sweat it—even challenging clients can’t get in the way of compliance tracking, since TCT Portal is automated.

What’s the Relationship?

The dream: Your client gets it. They just seem to intuitively understand which evidence fulfills different requirements. Mapping documents to requirements is a breeze!

The reality: Your client doesn’t get it. They have many compliance requirements to meet and they have no idea which control objectives are the same across different requirements. They keep providing the wrong documents for their requirements.

You can’t fix your clients, but TCT Portal can fix the chaos they create.

What’s the Holdup?

The dream: You send an email request for a set of documents and files, and the client responds within a couple of days. Everything you’ve asked for is submitted securely for review.

The reality: Tracking compliance is like herding cats. It takes up valuable time, and it’s a huge pain in the butt. You spend hours hunting down files from multiple sources.

Quit wasting time managing everyone else. Let TCT Portal do it for you.

Where’s the Submission?

The dream: In order to help you keep track of documents and maximize the efficiency of the engagement, your client delivers all of their documents to you the same way, every time.

The reality: You’re getting submissions through cloud storage, network drives, emails, voicemails, meeting minutes and shared Google docs. Ugh.

But not anymore! Now there’s just one submission method. Easy peasy!

Where’s the File?

The dream: You’re tracking your client’s files with a snap. You know where everything is located, and it’s easy to find within a click or two.

The reality: Documents keep ending up in weird places. For some reason, there’s always a rogue folder on the network, or a document in the wrong spot, with location details submitted via multiple channels.

TCT Portal’s automation ends all your hunting and pecking.

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Automate Your Compliance Tracking

TCT Portal connects the dots between your internal resources and your clients so that each and every engagement is completed in a cohesive, coordinated manner. Quit chasing down clients and putting out fires you never started. Schedule a personalized TCT Portal demo today.


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