Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And, as they say, repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Therefore, going into your 2019 compliance engagement without reflecting on 2018 is straight up insane. Because if you’re like most CISOs, you’ve inadvertently set yourself up to repeat last year’s compliance insanity. But you don’t have to.

It’s the start of 2019, which is the perfect time to evaluate how your compliance went last year—and to set a New Year’s resolution that actually sticks to end compliance chaos!

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Your Compliance Year in Review

If you want to improve your compliance management in 2019, you’ll need to understand how it went in 2018. Take some time to reflect on the good and bad. Think about the struggle you had in 2018 gathering up all the evidence, not only from internal people but vendors as well. Here are some questions to guide you:

Did you have a mess waiting for you as entered your annual engagement?

  • Did you leave a mess for your next one?
  • How responsive were your internal team and your vendors to requests for information?
  • How easy (or difficult) was it to find all the documentation and evidence you needed?
  • Did everything get submitted to you in a consistent manner?
  • Did you have turnover in vendors or internal resources? What was the impact?
  • How many man-hours went into managing and tracking compliance across your entire team? Are you happy with that?

What kind of a mess did you walk into as you entered your annual compliance engagement last time? For most CISOs, there was a tangle of loose ends from the previous year that got left behind. Nothing was organized in one place, and you had to do a lot of cat herding. Maybe someone on the team didn’t realize certain tasks that needed to be done, either because of turnover or because they forgot.

It’s not just your time that got wasted last year, but everyone on your team who contributed to managing compliance, including valuable internal resources in IT, compliance management, HR and legal. That goes for your vendors who provided evidence, too.

If you walked into a mess in 2018, you probably left a mess when you were done with your compliance engagement. And it’s waiting for you in 2019.

Tired of starting all over from Square One every year? Make a resolution to stop wasting time and resources on your compliance efforts, and bring order out of the compliance chaos—for good.

Resolution: To End Compliance Chaos

Even if you’ve never kept a New Year’s resolution in your life, you can keep this one. All you need is the right tool for the job. For gaining control over your compliance chaos, automation is the key to lasting success.

An automated compliance tracking system does all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is respond when prompted. Well, there’s a bit more than that, but you get the idea. The automation in TCT Portal keeps you on track and gives you all the tools you need to simplify and standardize your entire compliance process.

Most importantly, the TCT Portal is now YOUR tool for compliance management. You’re not subservient to your assessor’s systems. If you have internal turnover, all of the evidence and work from last year is still captured on your end, so you’re not starting over!

Here’s what TCT Portal does for you:

  • See an ROI of 68% time savings and thousands of dollars in recovered costs.
  • Know your status in real time.
  • Prompt your people automatically and quit herding cats.
  • Standardize your document submission in one method. No more wasting time collecting evidence from all over God’s green earth.
  • Store all your files in one place. Never lose a piece of evidence.
  • Automatically map your requirements across certifications.
  • Keep track of all submissions, regardless of internal personnel or vendor turnover
  • Easily refer to the evidence that passed muster last year
  • Control your data with a single point of truth—a source you own and control.

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Control Your Compliance in 2019

Make a New Year’s Resolution to stop repeating what you’ve always gone through every year. This year, gain compliance sanity! TCT Portal builds in everything you need to make that resolution happen. TCT Portal was designed by compliance professionals, for compliance professionals, to make their compliance world a better place.

If you’re ready to end the compliance chaos, TCT Portal may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Schedule a personalized demo today.


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