Your role as compliance assessor is to guide your clients through the journey of a compliance assessment. Every engagement takes your clients along a path that’s littered with stumbling stones, rabbit trails and uncharted territory. A maelstrom of chaos awaits, and your clients need a trail guide who can confidently and expertly lead them to their destination in one piece.

For an increasing number of compliance assessors, the tool they rely on to guide their clients is TCT Portal.

Now you can follow the story of a compliance assessor who skillfully guides a group of inexperienced clients through a compliance engagement with TCT Portal. “Navigating the Storm of Compliance Chaos” takes you along the journey as she expertly leads her clients through the stormy winds and rocky paths of an engagement.

Our story — the latest edition of our comic series — was a big hit at the 2019 PCI SSC conference in Vancouver. If you missed out on the comic there, it’s not too late to get your hands on it now.

Download the TCT comic

cover page of the comic

TCT Portal for Assessment Firms

TCT Portal is next-generation compliance management software that automates the painful manual tasks that hinder your effectiveness and demand too much of your time. With TCT Portal, assessors can focus on providing expertise and guidance, not hounding clients and wrangling submissions.

Our compliance software is your all-in-one platform for organizing and managing all the moving parts of your compliance assessment engagements. The web-based application combines automation with deep compliance expertise to give you a powerful tool that takes the chaos out of your client engagements.

Assessment firms spend countless hours hounding clients, poring over submitted evidence that comes in from multiple channels, entering data into spreadsheets, searching for missing pieces and creating reports. Communicating with clients isn’t always easy, and collaboration on your team could be smoother. TCT Portal takes away all those frustrations and inefficiencies.

There’s More to the Assessment Journey

Go deeper on our hero’s compliance journey. Check out these articles to discover more about leading an efficient and chaos-free assessment engagement.


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