Software tools like spreadsheets, Word documents and project management programs inherently make compliance engagements more difficult, not easier. They aren’t designed to track compliance, they take more effort, and they cut into your profits.

Assessment firms that use automated compliance management systems save time, increase profits and minimize frustrations.

Online Business Systems (Online) spent nearly ten years conducting assessments the traditional way. Not only did it hold back their profitability, it kept them from giving the best help to their clients. It was the frustration of all that work that drove them to switch to automation. “We were really in pain,” Online’s principal consultant Sherri Collis said. “We had worksheets and Word docs, and things weren’t being put in the file shares properly, and it was just a mess.”

As an assessor, you’re like a trail guide for your clients, leading them safely through the treacherous and stormy path to compliance. As their guide, you know every pitfall and every slippery slope that could trip up your clients from achieving compliance.

But you can’t provide that kind of expertise if you’re too busy trying to tame the chaos of compliance on your end of an engagement. Automation software can take care of that for you.

Infographic: 5 Ways Compliance Software Makes Assessments Easy

What Can Automation Do for You?

Automated compliance tracking software takes the endless drudgery off your plate, so you can focus on the important aspects of a compliance assessment. The automation in TCT Portal frees you up to be the guide your clients need.

Here’s what TCT Portal lets you do:

  • Boost your ROI, saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars annually.
  • Know status in real time across your engagements. There’s no need to put together a status report at the end of the day or week for each client.
  • Prompt your client automatically and quit herding cats.
  • Store and organize submitted evidence in one place. Never lose a file.
  • Map requirements across certifications.
  • Do more with fewer internal resources.
  • Track your reporting text within the tool, for use this year and reference next year.
  • Generate compliance reporting (ex. a ROC for PCI) at the click of a button.

At the end of the day, TCT Portal frees you from spending your precious time on the process, and allows you to focus on guiding clients through the journey.

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Deliver More Value to Clients

Every minute you spend on your engagement eats into your project’s profitability. You don’t have the freedom to build client relationships if you’re spending all of your budgeted time trying to manage the chaos of compliance. The profitability of the engagement gets in the way of your availability to the client.

With TCT’s automation software, you’re freed up to give your client real help and answer their questions in depth. You have the time (and energy) to invest into your client so that they can be more self-sufficient with compliance—which comes back around to making your job easier and making the client happier!

TCT’s Operational Mode

The automation becomes even more valuable once your client moves into ongoing compliance maintenance—which TCT calls Operational Mode. That’s when your client has periodic requirements to take care of in order to maintain their certification.

TCT Portal automatically prompts each person on a regular basis throughout the year, to keep them on-track between annual assessments. When it’s time to do the assessment next year, all of the evidence that should already be there is in place and ready for review. Your client stays current and you don’t have a mess to clean up next year.

There’s also the historical knowledge that Operational Mode captures. Within a year’s time, it’s easy for a client to forget what they did last time, and turnover means lost knowledge. With Operational Mode, none of that is a problem.

TCT Portal provides a repository of evidence from the previous cycle that’s well organized. All of the evidence in the coming audit cycle is easily referenceable from the prior year—so the client knows exactly what was provided before that passed muster last time. And because everything is stored in TCT Portal, it greatly reduces lost knowledge from turnover—it’s directly referenceable during the next compliance cycle.

Imagine stepping into next year’s assessment, and having an organized repository of all the information you approved last year. It’s already organized and ready for your client to come back to. They can easily reference prior track documents, and this streamlines their submission process. The time savings for both you and the client is incredible.

Time to Switch?

TCT Portal’s automation frees you up to provide better service to your clients and boost your profits on every engagement. No homegrown compliance management template can deliver those results.

Join the growing number of compliance assessment firms who are switching to TCT Portal. Get your personalized demo today.


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