Let’s be honest, managing compliance sucks. But listening to podcasts about compliance shouldn’t.

There are dozens of compliance podcasts available, and most of them will bore you to tears. Even the podcasters themselves sound bored. At some point, the droning just makes you want to stab yourself in the eye or go to sleep.

If you’re tired of boring podcasts that are hosted by boring podcasters, TCT has a treat for you: Compliance Unfiltered.

A Compliance Podcast with Straight Talk and Personality

Compliance Unfiltered is TCT’s new podcast, dedicated to making compliance suck less. It’s a fresh, raw, uncut alternative for anyone who needs honest, reliable, compliance expertise with a sprinkling of personality.

The podcast is hosted by TCT founder Adam Goslin and our Business Development Manager, Todd Coshow. If you’ve ever met Adam, you know that he’s a straight shooter without much of a filter — and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you listen to Compliance Unfiltered.

This podcast doesn’t care much for pretense or talking heads. Instead, you’ll hear real talk from a couple of guys. It’s intended for anyone who might have anything to do with the industry — whether you’re a brand-new, wet-behind-the-ears compliance newbie or a battle-tested Assessor (or anyone in between).

“A lot of what I’ve done over the course of my career in security and compliance has been about trying to help people not have to suffer through this crap,” Adam said. “It’s brutal. It’s mind-numbing. There’s a ton of complexity and moving parts to deal with. Compliance isn’t for the faint of heart. These podcast conversations are real, they’re direct, they’re informed by decades of experience, and hopefully they’re entertaining.”

Bookmark TCT’s podcast page for the latest episode, or find Compliance Unfiltered wherever you get your podcasts (including Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher).

Upcoming Episodes

Compliance Unfiltered covers important topics that are both timely and top-of-mind — whether it’s the new CMMC standard, an overview of PCI-DSS, new hacker practices, preparing for compliance assessments, pen testing dos and don’ts, or the latest big headlines that affect you.

Here’s what you can expect from our first few episodes:

Why the Hell Should You Listen to Adam? Get to know Adam, hear about his introduction to the compliance circus, and learn about his desire to help people make their compliance experience suck less.

PCI Lessons from the Master. Get a take-the-bull-by-the-horns approach to the often overwhelming world of PCI compliance. Find out how to know which type of PCI assessment will meet your needs and what to do next. You’ll also discover how to successfully overcome the sheer complexity of PCI-DSS. Find out about the potential pitfalls of PCI, and get a breakdown of ongoing compliance practices that ensure you’re set up for next year’s PCI assessment.

CMMC. Ready to tackle the bear that is CMMC? It’s a hot button topic for government contractors, and it has them scrambling to get their ducks in a row. If you do any work with the U.S. government and are subject to Department of Defense Regulations, this is the episode for you!

Consultants Vs. Assessors. If you’re going through or are about to go through a compliance engagement, how do you decide what mix of help you need? A compliance consultant can be an insider to help direct you in completing your compliance tasks, successfully and as painlessly as possible — but do you need a consultant, or just an Assessor? Get an in-depth discussion of the differences between an Assessor-only approach versus a Consultant + Assessor approach, and what each will add to your compliance gameplan.

Looking for real answers to a compliance issue that’s hounding you? Send us your ideas and questions!


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