Ever think about the first guy to buy a nail gun? Maybe he was happily pounding on the frame of a house with his trusty hammer. Some salesman walks up to him and offers to sell him a nail gun. It’s a big, ten-pound monster that has to be plugged into an outlet. The carpenter’s hammer is portable, lightweight, and never needs electrical power. Why would he buy an expensive machine with all those drawbacks?

Then he sees the nail gun in action. Enough said. The carpenter just took a quantum leap from Stone Age technology to the Modern Era.

Sometimes you’ve just got to see the latest technology to realize how much pain you’re going through without realizing it. If you aren’t using automated compliance software to manage your compliance efforts, you’re like the carpenter. You may as well be using Stone Age tech to track compliance.

Infographic: 5 Ways Compliance Software Makes Assessments Easy

Just as better technology enables a carpenter to accomplish his work’s purpose more effectively, so also compliance automation software will empower you to focus on your work’s core purpose better.

Your Core Purpose—Protector of the Organization

As the CISO in your company, your core purpose isn’t prepping for status calls and chasing down rogue files. You’re driven to solve real problems for your company—to protect the organization and make it better. When you’re doing and clearing security patches or vulnerability scans, it’s because you’re motivated to protect your organization. When you’re in the middle of a security and compliance engagement, you’re acting as the man or woman who fortifies the company from vulnerability.

Those activities give you a sense of accomplishment and meaning, because you’re putting protections in place and doing something that benefits the business. You’re the hero of your organization.

TCT Portal Makes You a Better Protector

Outdated, clunky spreadsheets and file shares don’t help you accomplish your core purpose. They just get in the way and slow you down. It’s like you’re stuck using a Stone Age hammer to accomplish all your compliance tasks. Instead, you could be using automated digital tech that’s built specifically to manage and track your compliance efforts.

TCT Portal is your conduit to taking your core work to the next level:

  • The status is live, so you can go in and see what you need to do—not spend your time figuring out where you’re at.
  • You can have 15-minute check-in meetings instead of two-hour status calls. Everyone knows what needs to be done. Not hunting down evidence, not wondering where everyone put it.
  • Automated reminders do the nagging for you.
  • The centralized software is a complete, end-to-end system that increases the efficiency and usability of every aspect of compliance.
  • Share TCT Portal with your vendors and your assessment firm. Communicate with them through the software and track communications in TCT Portal.
  • Gain complete control of all your data.
  • Every action is logged, so you have a complete audit trail for each person on your team.

True Story: The Nail Gun in Action

I had a circumstance the other day where somebody attached evidence to the wrong requirement. It was supposed to go to requirement 12.2 and they accidentally attached it somewhere else. It only took seconds to find out what happened. We went into TCT Portal and looked at the history of that person’s activity. We immediately saw what file they attached and where they attached it. From there, it was easy to detach it and reattach it in the right place.

If my client had been using a spreadsheet to track their evidence, it would have taken me a phone call, several emails and physically hunting someone down at their desk to figure out the issue and make the change. That’s easily an hour of my valuable time.

Do More of the Work You’re Meant to Do

TCT Portal is the technology of the Digital Age. It equips you to focus on your core work—protecting your organization and accomplishing something of value.

TCT Portal was built by a team that has lived in the day-to-day compliance world—not by some software company. We developed this tool so that organizations won’t have to go through the pain that Stone Age tools create.

Sometimes it’s not until you see TCT Portal for yourself that the lightbulb goes on and you realize how monstrously inefficient it is to do compliance with a Stone Age hammer. You’ve got nothing to lose. It’s only going to make your process easier and better while you’re holding all your compliance efforts together.

Get a brief demo of the compliance software and see the difference TCT Portal can make. We’ve priced it at a level that makes sense—there’s no risk, and only reward.

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