Memorial Day is about remembering those who fell in battle, or fell as the result of a wound sustained in battle. The holiday is set aside as a remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that others could enjoy the freedoms and benefits we have today.

If we’re honest with ourselves, for many Memorial Day is an opportunity to celebrate the unofficial start of summer with a backyard barbeque or a pool party. While there’s nothing wrong with having a good time on Memorial Day, we’d like to take a moment to honor those who gave their lives in battle.

The Meaning of Memorial Day

This day is significant for me personally. I had family who served in World War II, and when I was younger, I spent years in a highly regimented school. These experiences taught me lessons of respect for those that serve, respect for authority, order and the military.

Additionally, I’m an immigrant to the U.S. from Canada. And while I don’t have the story of fleeing a war torn country with nothing but the clothes on my back, it wasn’t easy to enter the United States. It almost didn’t happen.

My background gives a deeper appreciation for the sacrifice of men and women who fought for this nation. It was the sacrifices of those who have fallen during or as a result of service and those who served yet did not fall that make life in these United States possible.

I’ve now been in the country for 25+ years and I’m proud to say that I’m a U.S. citizen. It’s a privilege not to be taken lightly and I remain reverently respectful of the memory of those who served, period.

Putting Feet to Our Freedoms

At TCT, we don’t take our freedoms and benefits lightly. We recognize the privileges that have been hard won on our behalf, and we feel the debt of gratitude to live and work in a way that honors the sacrifices that came before.

In the U.S., we have the benefit of waking up each day and deciding what we’re going to do with it. That’s a gift that’s been given to us by those who came before. Not to sound too much like the film Saving Private Ryan, but I often find myself asking the question, “How do I earn this?”

It’s too bad that we don’t always appreciate what we have. The United States is a country of possibility — in many ways, more so than any other country. That’s no small thing, and it should be both inspiring and sobering to each one of us.

In Service of Others

There’s a reason that military personnel are called service members. They provide the ultimate service for our country. In a lesser yet relatable sense, TCT’s mission is to do good in this world by serving others. At the end of the day, that’s the ultimate purpose of this company.

We’re proud of the kick-ass compliance software that we’ve created, and the much-needed consulting services we provide. But ultimately, those two elements are fueling a much greater mission: to use Total Compliance Tracking as an engine for serving others and doing good in the world.

So we honor the sacrifice of those who serve, with our own form of service to others. And we wish you a happy and healthy Memorial Day.

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