On Memorial Day, we remember the men and women who gave their lives in service of their country. It’s the ultimate sacrifice that a person can make.

Although the past year has been a tumultuous one that has tested us on nearly every front, in many ways we are blessed that the world is not in the same state that it was in during previous generations — during the Civil War or World War II. There have been many wars in the 150 years of Memorial Day observances, but we’re fortunate not to be experiencing a major conflict like previous generations went through.

In Honor of the Fallen

It would be impossible to enjoy the lives that we have now if it weren’t for the sacrifices of military service members those many years ago, and ever since. Many of us have family members who were in military service, whether they died in battle or survived the conflict. I have family members who served in World War II. It makes a person thankful for their service, and it highlights how fortunate we are even to be reflecting on the sacrifice of their fellow service members.

At the time of WWII, there was a notion that military personnel were fighting for something greater than political dominance or to put down aggressive forces. There was a common understanding that our soldiers were fighting to ensure a better life for those who would come after them — for you and me, our children and grandchildren. The life we enjoy now, we owe in no small measure to them.

On Memorial Day, we pause to show tremendous respect for those who have served. Memorial Day is a prime opportunity to reflect and to be thankful for those people who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country — and those who served our country — to the very end.

In Service to Others

At TCT, we talk a lot about being in the trenches of compliance. It’s a military image straight out of World Wars I and II that depicts not just the front lines of battle, but a miserable existence that’s commingled with rats and lice, filth, fear, constant tension, and lack of even the most basic accommodations. We don’t use that image lightly, because those who lived and fought in the trenches were called upon for heroic struggles.

There’s a reason that military personnel are called service members. They provide the ultimate service for their country. In a similar sense, TCT’s mission is to do good in this world by serving others. That’s the ultimate purpose of Total Compliance Tracking.

We’re proud of the kick-ass compliance software that we’ve created, and the much-needed consulting services we provide. But ultimately, those two elements are fueling a much greater mission: to use TCT as an engine for serving others and doing good in the world.

So we honor the sacrifice of those who serve, with our own form of service to others. And we wish you a happy and healthy Memorial Day.

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