My grandfathers on both sides of my family served in World Wars. Fortunately, they both returned home, but they served side-by-side with others who gave their lives for their country. It’s a reality that has shaped the way I think about Memorial Day — and generally about how we go about our daily lives.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that we’re able to live the lives we enjoy because of the sacrifices of men and women who died in service to their country. We benefit from the everyday freedoms we have because of their sacrifices. Very likely, many of us are even alive because of their service to this country.

Our Rights Are a Privilege

Memorial Day is a good reminder to us all what a privilege it is to live the lives we have — to freely speak our minds at the water cooler, to commute safely to work every day, and even to take a loved one out for dinner without fear. We have an abundance of freedoms, privileges, and advantages that many other societies can’t enjoy, and we far too often take them for granted.

Each year, Memorial Day makes me appreciate these freedoms afresh. It’s a good reminder to put our lives in perspective. We’re taking breath and we’re able to do what we do because of the sacrifices of who came before us.

Unfortunately, we often seem to forget the significance of the holiday, and for many it’s treated as little more than an opportunity to take a day off work and gather for a barbeque. I hope that this year, Memorial Day will be a reminder for you to pause and reflect on the great privilege we have to live in this country — despite its flaws and failures.

TCT’s Privilege to Serve

For TCT, we strive to make the spirit of Memorial Day a driving force of all we do, day in and day out. Because of those who came before, we’re even in this position to be able to help others. It would not have been possible without their sacrifices.

That’s one reason it’s been humbling to see what TCT has been working on lately — especially as we prepared for the DoD’s CMMC standard, got the certification loaded, and made it available for our clients to use easily. CMMC is a certification that plays a vital role in national security, securing the supply chain of our Department of Defense.

On May 15, TCT participated in CMMC Day, where we met a lot of new friends in the space who we’re excited about serving in our own way. We’re grateful for the opportunity to play a role in the nation’s security, and to help others successfully protect the security of the DoD’s contracting partnerships.

It’s a privilege to be in a position to not only assist organizations with their preparation for serving the DoD, but also through the use of the TCT Portal to make their lives easier, better, and more efficient.

So whether you serve in the military today, know someone that made the ultimate sacrifice, serve the DoD, or serve up hotdogs while remembering the fallen this Memorial Day weekend, we at TCT hope you enjoy the holiday in peace, safety, and freedom.


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