Everyone involved in security and compliance knows firsthand the chaos that swirls around managing and tracking compliance and security programs. Few companies find their way out of that chaos. But Cosant Cyber Security was determined to find a governance and compliance software that could simplify their security assessments and boost their margins.

  • Customer’s Business: Security readiness assessment and gap analysis firm
  • Opportunity: Cosant was looking for GRC software that could simplify their security assessments for clients
  • Solution: TCT Portal
  • Results: simpler workflows, increased margins, greater value to customers, outstanding customer support

About Cosant

Cosant Cyber Security is primarily a team of former Chief Information Security Officers who provide information security leadership, strategy, and gap and readiness assessments. They help organizations establish their first-ever information security programs.

The Challenge

Cosant had tried various governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platforms, but couldn’t find one that was easy to use. “It’s very difficult to manage, because you can’t do much in terms of workflows,” said Cosant owner, Brian Blakely. “It’s heavy. There’s a lot of chaos, and a lot of email-driven, ad hoc workflows that are primarily spreadsheets.” These GRC platforms made it difficult to manage the compliance efforts of many of Cosant’s clients.

Eventually, Brian started asking around within his network to see what tools others were using. “We knew there had to be a better solution than the platforms we had tried,” Brian said. “They’re brutal to work in, and the support is horrible — it’s spotty. It becomes cumbersome to manage, and you almost want to go back to spreadsheets and Word documents. Do it over there, and then copy/paste into the platform. But that creates duplicate work.”

The Solution

Cosant found TCT Portal based on a strong recommendation, and they quickly saw the power of the compliance software. TCT was able to solve the workflow problems that spreadsheets, email, and Word documents were creating. Cosant was hopeful that they’d finally discovered a GRC software solution that could truly simplify the chaos of security assessments.

TCT Portal is an all-in-one compliance management tool for organizing and managing all the moving parts of your security and compliance assessments. The web-based application combines automation with deep compliance expertise to give you a powerful tool that takes the chaos out of your client engagements.

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The Results

Since implementing TCT Portal, Cosant is enjoying a simpler workflow and better margins. Here are the biggest benefits they’re experiencing.

Automated workflow

The automation of TCT Portal establishes a rhythm for Cosant’s compliance workflows, so compliance happens in small, manageable bites throughout the year. Instead of huddling up a month before the auditor comes in, they have a workflow that automatically pings John Doe or Jane Smith to do their tasks on a regular basis throughout the year.

Simplified work

TCT Portal has simplified Cosant’s work and removed the chaos that other platforms couldn’t address. All the evidence is stored in one place and linked to the right requirements. “You can log something into the system and it lines up to the standard,” Brian said. “You just enter the controls or your feedback or report text and line it up. It’s very simple and straightforward to use.”

Brian says his staff loves the simplicity of TCT Portal. “Some platforms look slick and impressive, visually, but it turns out they’re clunky to use,” Brian said. “With TCT, we were able to get onboarded and ramped up very quickly. The experience is good. What you see is what you get.”

Increased margins

The simplicity of TCT Portal means Cosant’s margins have increased — a benefit they’re particularly happy with right now. “We’re a small organization, and we focus on top-line revenue and the efficiencies we can create,” Brian said. TCT Portal’s automation allows Cosant to create efficiencies and workflows where they couldn’t before. “We’re looking to integrate it even more in the things we’re doing in the future — especially service delivery for our customers. TCT will be a big piece of that.”

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Greater value to customers

Cosant is doing more readiness assessments, leading clients towards compliance. Brian says that TCT’s compliance software tool helps their customers not just get ready for compliance, but improve their pragmatic security and how it aligns with a framework.

Outstanding support

One of the greatest benefits Brian mentions is the level of support Cosant receives from TCT. “Sometimes I’ll reach out to TCT for support, and what I’ll get back is a video walkthrough of everything I need to do. Not just an email that says to read this knowledge base post or that article. They say, ‘Here’s a couple of videos that speak to exactly what you want to do.’ And it’s fast support, too.”

Streamline Your Compliance Assessments

Need a simpler compliance management tool that lets you do more? Work with a company that understands the needs of compliance personnel from hands-on experience. TCT’s compliance software can eliminate wasted effort and help improve your margins. Check out TCT Portal today!

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