TCT Portal can reduce Assessors’ time on client engagements by 25 percent or more. But as impressive as that is, we’re continually looking for new ways to streamline assessment engagements even further.

Our latest functional release implements two features designed specifically to make Assessors’ lives easier when working on client engagements. Our newest features make compliance management more streamlined, simplifies auditing, and elevates TCT Portal as the top compliance management software for compliant organizations.

Review Items in Bulk, Faster

TCT Portal’s Review Dashboard is designed for Assessors who need to do reviews of requirements for a particular certification. It allows you to review items in bulk, rather than one by one in a linear fashion.

We’ve redesigned the dashboard to handle report text editing more efficiently. You can now add comments in bulk and move bulk items through the workflow.

This dashboard lets you go through and review groups of items at a time — ten, 20, 40, you name it. Filter the list however you choose, whether it’s by section, category, due date, attachment, or something else.

When you’ve reviewed the batch of items, you can approve them and move them forward in the workflow all in one shot. Or, send bulk items back to your client with one comment — for example, “These items need updated evidence showing _______.”

The bulk actions eliminate annoying and time-consuming redundancies so you can move onto the next thing faster and easier.

Make Operational Mode Work on Your Schedule

TCT Portal’s Operational Mode is a game changer for Assessment firms, because it holds clients accountable to continually invest in the ongoing management of their compliance activities. But the internal preferred approach of your Assessment Firm might not match the Portal’s default due dates.

Our latest feature gives you the flexibility to select items so clients are alerted to provide evidence on a more (or less) periodic basis, and to tweak due dates for particular items. Modify the timing of the items in your template so they fit your firm’s processes and procedures.

Now you can prompt for confirmation/evidence on each item when you need to see it. For example, you may need to see vulnerability scans early in the quarter so that you have time to remediate any problems and still remain within the period. Similarly, you may see a pattern of clients having trouble tracking their visitor logs and you’d like them to submit evidence more often through the period.

Because you’re making these parameter changes within your template, you can set it and forget it. There’s no need to continually go in and fix it each time you have a new engagement. Changes are made to timing of events once and roll out to your client engagements as you deploy them.

Of course, the Guidance and Samples available to your Assessment firm on its template are live feeds to all clients using that template.

Continuous Improvement Isn’t Just a Buzzword at TCT

TCT was founded on a vision to support every person who deals with compliance. The whole premise of TCT Portal is to streamline the compliance activities that are a complete and utter waste of time, and these two new features hit the target right in the bull’s eye.

Total Compliance Tracking takes customer input very seriously. Nearly every software release features enhancements that originated from our customers. “At least 90 percent of the stuff we’ve asked for, [TCT] produces it,” said Crimson Security COO Mike Conklin. “They put it in the next release.” Assessors often tell us that we’ve made a seismic difference in their compliance management activities, and we’re always on-mission to find new ways to do it.

We’re passionate about helping companies that need a tool to make managing compliance suck less, and these latest features alleviate some of the tedium that comes with a client engagement.

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