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Show Notes: Consultants vs. Assessors

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If you’re going through or about to go through a compliance engagement, you may be deciding what mix of help you needed to complete your compliance tasks — successfully, and as painlessly as possible.

We dive in depth to cover the differences between an Assessor-only approach versus. a Consultant + Assessor approach, and what each option can add to your compliance game-plan.

Which do you need? Can’t your IT Department figure this stuff out? If you already have an assessor, would you need a consultant? We walk through all these answers so you don’t have to guess!

In this episode, Adam and Todd discuss:

  • What are your options? Can you choose either, or both?
  • Why is the notion of a Consultant vs Assessor important?
  • What if your company has great IT staff?
  • Why consider a Consultant
  • What to look for in a Consultant/li>
  • What to look for in an Assessor

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