More and more compliance assessment firms are ditching the old way of managing engagements. They’re trading in their spreadsheets, project trackers, dump zones for evidence, and the hodge-podge of clunky tools for a holistic compliance management system.

TCT Portal is an all-in-one platform for organizing and managing all the moving parts of a compliance assessment. But it can be hard to let go of the devil you know, even when you know it’s a devil.

Still sitting on the fence about TCT Portal? We’ve compiled our most valuable resources to help you weigh the benefits of our compliance management software. Check them out below, and share them with the decision-makers on your team!

An ROI You Can’t Turn Down

Assessment firms that switch to TCT Portal make an investment into their companies that brings real business benefits. Our compliance software isn’t simply another way to track engagement status — it was designed to help strengthen your business and dramatically streamline the process for your clients.

We believe automation software can eliminate inefficiencies, streamline operational costs, and even create new revenue opportunities. Find out how TCT Portal helps you do that.

4 Meaningful Business Benefits You’ll Get with TCT Portal

More Assessment Firms Are Boosting Profits with Compliance Automation

What’s the Real ROI of TCT Portal for Assessment Firms?

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Streamline Your Client Engagements

No matter how long you’ve been running client engagements, you’re going to spend time and energy being the human glue holding everything together — especially if you’re relying on spreadsheets, file drop zones, and manual processes to manage your assessments.

TCT Portal eliminates the chaos that your current system can’t control. Here’s how.

Why Your Assessment Firm Needs to Ditch the Spreadsheet

Keep Compliance Engagements On Track Without Lifting a Finger

Assessors: Your Evidence Submission Process Is Working Against You

Better Client Relationships — and Customer Loyalty

Not only does compliance automation software streamline your client engagements, it also enhances your client relationships. When things are running smoothly, it creates greater trust and good will. Discover how your client relationships can benefit from TCT Portal.

Automation Software Makes You a Better Assessor for Your Clients

5 Ways TCT Portal Makes It Easy to Deal With Difficult Clients

Compliance Auditors: Deliver the Value Your Clients Are Looking For

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Downloadable Resources to Share

Looking for tools and resources you can share internally with other stakeholders? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at these helpful resources, and share them with your decision-makers.

Case Study: Assessment Firm Breezes Through Client Engagements

5 Ways Compliance Software Makes Assessments Easy [Infographic]

How to Get Started with TCT Portal

Ready to take the next step? We’ve made it easy to get started with TCT Portal. Just reach out and we’ll lead you through the process at your own pace. We can get you set up fast, or take the time you need to do a thorough vetting.

Here’s a couple resources to help you get to the next step and start seeing all the benefits that TCT Portal can bring your assessment firm.

How to Get Your CFO to Purchase Compliance Management Software

You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is to Get Started with TCT Portal

Now’s the time to get off the fence and start enjoying the benefits of TCT Portal compliance management software. We’ve packaged it so affordably, the decision to try it should be a no-brainer for any assessment firm. You really can’t lose.

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