Have you ever thought about the atmosphere in the Pennsylvania State House that day in 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed? Can you imagine the flood of emotions that must have swept through that room?

Years of conflict, frustration, and suffering were suddenly moved into the past. While there were still two more years of war to be fought, with no guarantees of the outcome, the Declaration of Independence shined as a beacon of hope and promise. I can only imagine the feeling of relief and freedom that permeated the room.

At the same time, they doubtless knew there was tremendous work ahead. But they had reached a major achievement towards freedom, and now they could start looking forward to greener pastures ahead as a result of their blood, sweat, and tears.

The United States of America was founded on the promise of freedom from tyranny and suffering. Unfortunately, our history has plenty of examples of just the opposite, but we continually strive to reach that ideal. And not just politically, but in every aspect of our lives as Americans — including in our work.

Freedom from Manual Compliance Management

In some small way, TCT customers get a similar taste of freedom when they start using TCT Portal. Most of our clients have gone through hell and fought many battles trying to get through their annual compliance engagements. When they switch to TCT Portal, they make their own declaration of independence against the tyranny of manual compliance management.

Case study: How One Company Managed Their PCI Certification in Record Time

I’ve lived it firsthand. My first experience with security and compliance was to go through it myself without the valuable tools that would have been helpful. It took well over a year just to become compliant for the first time. It wasn’t elegant, and it certainly wasn’t clean.

There was tremendous relief that it was over, but we were immediately staring down the barrel of a full year of actually having to do the stuff we’d just signed up for. Now we had to maintain the things we’d just put in place.

I went from having to do compliance once to realizing that it was an ongoing commitment. There was no escape.

That first full year of maintaining compliance was brutal.We were constantly putting out fires, solving problems, putting processes in place, and making sure that people weren’t dropping the ball. There were misses on execution, misses on oversight, and misses on processes.

That’s why we developed TCT Portal — as a declaration of independence from everything that makes managing compliance suck.

When you use TCT Portal as your automated compliance software, your experience with compliance management is like night and day. You go from the constant struggle of manual effort to a streamlined system that simplifies your entire engagement.

Make no mistake: getting through compliance is never easy, but it’s a hell of a lot easier when you have a tool like TCT Portal.

Get a Taste of Independence

Since that day in Philadelphia in 1776, to be American is to embrace independence. For professionals who are burdened by manual compliance management, TCT Portal is your declaration of independence.

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