This article is for all the people who labor in the trenches, day in and day out, to protect their companies, strive to keep them safe and maintain compliance. Security and compliance professionals don’t always get the recognition they deserve, even though they’re a key part of the force that keeps their companies running.

Ladies and gentlemen, we honor you.

Everyday Heroes in the Trenches

Security and compliance is often thankless. In many cases, executives just want the bottom-line numbers, and salespeople just want to drive deals through the door as expediently as possible. Others throughout the company are under constant pressure to be productive and boost throughput. To many of them, they perceive compliance as getting in the way of all that.

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Compliance isn’t an easy job. I talk to a lot of personnel who tell me that they feel like an army of one. They’re the only ones going to battle over critical issues that could expose the organization to attack, or to lost business.

It can take a lot of intestinal fortitude to carry that flag. Because, at the end of the day, you feel like you’re the only one protecting the company. You’re the shield for your organization, even if others don’t see it that way. Nobody comes in on a miscellaneous Tuesday to give a round of applause because the company didn’t get hacked since last night.

The security and compliance function of your company is hands-down the single best protection for your organization. It’s better than your cyber insurance, it’s better than your liability insurance, it’s better than a fire extinguisher in the corner. The security and compliance actions you’re taking are real, tangible protections for your company.

Security and compliance is a tough position, but take pride in the fact that you’re an important part of your organization’s success.

Labor Day was established for the men and women who grind it out everyday. We celebrate the hard work that built this nation, and the toil that goes into helping our organizations prosper. To us at TCT, that sounds a lot like the work you’re doing.

Here’s to fighting the good fight.

Hats Off to the TCT Team

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also acknowledge the good folks who have made Total Compliance Tracking the company that we are today.

The success of TCT comes down to a whole team of individuals. I can’t express the gratitude I have for every person here — from the folks who labored above the garage with me years ago to design the TCT Portal, to our newest employees. Dozens of amazing people have jumped onto this crazy ride to help Total Compliance Tracking “become,” as I like to put it. It’s been amazingly rewarding to see their efforts to make TCT what it is today — and staging it for what’s on the horizon.

All of the credit goes to these folks. Thank you! I really and truly appreciate all of your hard work, you’re amazing.

If you’re laboring over compliance, TCT Portal was designed to alleviate your toil. Total Compliance Tracking’s compliance management software was built by people who had hands-on experience of running compliance for a company, consulting with other organizations to help them with their compliance, and working alongside compliance assessors and auditors. Collectively, TCT built the tool I wish I’d had when I was in the trenches, over a decade ago.

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