It’s 2020, the start of a brand-new year, all shiny with possibilities. You’ll accomplish great things for your company this year. But there’s a dragon lurking in the corner. Your annual compliance cycle is coming your way, and it’s going to be a beast of a project. Again.

Your stomach tightens just thinking about it, because you know what kind of a disorganized mess you walked away from last year. While you were neck-deep in compliance wrangling, business-as-usual was piling up all around you. So the moment your compliance engagement was finished, you and your team dropped everything to put out the fires that were waiting for you, rather than spending the time to clean up and organize the aftermath of the compliance beast.

If you don’t feel the compliance dragon breathing down your neck yet, you will soon.

But this year, things can be different. You can slay that dragon of compliance, and you don’t have to get burned in the process. More and more organizations are discovering how to slay the compliance dragon — for good.

TCT’s graphical adventure makes it easy to learn how you can tame the compliance managment process, too. Follow along as Sir CISO prepares to slay the compliance dragon. Discover his tools, tips, and tested techniques. See the best practices that successful companies of all sizes and industries are using to make compliance manageable.

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Achieve Compliance Easier with TCT Portal

TCT Portal is next-generation compliance management software that automates the painful manual tasks that hinder your effectiveness and demand too much of your time. With TCT Portal, you can focus on achieving and maintaining compliance, not hounding your people and wrangling submissions.

Our compliance software is your all-in-one platform for organizing and managing all the moving parts of your compliance assessment efforts. The web-based application combines automation with deep compliance expertise to give you a powerful tool that takes the chaos out of your compliance management process.

Organizations spend countless hours hounding their people, scrambling to sort through submitted evidence that comes in from multiple channels, entering data into spreadsheets, and trying to understand compliance requirements. Communicating with assessors isn’t always easy, and collaboration on your team could be smoother. TCT Portal takes away all those frustrations and inefficiencies.

Since TCT Portal keeps everything organized as you migrate your compliance engagements, the mere use of the tool standardizes submissions — with explanations and evidence attached to the appropriate elements of your compliance tracks. When your annual tangle with compliance comes around next year, everything is right where it should be, easily identifiable and referenceable. It’s really quite a magical feeling.

Dive Deeper to Slay the Dragon

Go deeper in our hero’s compliance journey. Check out these articles to discover more about streamlining your compliance process.

  1. Survey the landscape of your compliance certification requirements
  2. Evaluate your vendors and auditors
  3. Build your budget
  4. Choose the best compliance tools
  5. Streamline compliance management
  6. Recruit your compliance team
  7. Train your people
  8. Automate ongoing compliance tasks

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