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Show Notes: Risk Assessments (A Survival Guide)

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On this episode of Compliance Unfiltered, we tackle every popular topic of Risk Assessments. We cover the important factors in understanding the various risks to a given organization, what a Risk Assessments is and why it’s important. Plus, why your Risk Assessments are something that should really be done by a third party.

Want to know what approaches are typically going to be involved in a Risk Assessment? We’ve got your covered. What type of planning is needed to set your organization up for success? We break it all down, from scoping to timeline.

By the end of this episode, you’ll know approximately how tall of a Risk Assessment Mountain you’ll have to climb.

In this episode, Adam and Todd discuss:

  • What is a risk assessment (RA)?
  • Why is an RA important?
  • Why you should consider using a third party
  • Typical approaches involved in a risk assessment
  • Planning for your RA
  • Timeline expectations
  • Advice for companies heading into their first (or next) RA

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