As a compliance auditor, it’s not your job to be a buddy to your clients. You’re there to assess them, and your clients have hired you to be assessed. You’re not a consultant, and it’s not on you to provide solutions or show them how to do everything.

But you do have a responsibility to provide value to your clients—especially as they mature in the security and compliance continuum. As an organization’s familiarity with the process increases, so does their expectation to spend less time doing it. Now that they’re starting to get a handle on what they need to do, they want to do it better and faster. They’re looking for precision, efficiency and built-in repeatability.

Your clients want more value out of their relationship with their auditor.

If you can’t provide more value, your clients will be shopping around. So it behooves you to make the client engagement as valuable as possible. How well is your auditing firm doing that?

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How TCT Portal Boosts Your Value

TCT Portal was designed to boost your value to clients—and increase the value you get from clients. With TCT Portal, you give clients more efficiency and value from your very first engagement with them. This compliance management and tracking software is designed to maximize your efficiency and minimize your time holding hands—while giving your clients the guidance and value they’re looking for.

New clients ask a lot of questions and need a lot of help understanding how to meet compliance requirements. With TCT Portal, you can answer their questions before they even ask—without spending any time on it. By loading the portal with built-in guidance and example documents and screenshots, you provide the reference material they need to be more successful.

More importantly, TCT understands that this is part of the “secret sauce” that provides a competitive edge over other auditors—so this information is only connected to clients you’ve configured to use your templates.

That means less back-and-forth with your client, they can self-serve and engagement is quicker, making everyone happy.

With TCT Portal, you can also streamline your information delivery to clients. Our templates let you:

  • Determine which subset of requirements start in the hands of your customer
  • Consolidate all communication into a single platform
  • Present the requirements in a priority order (or, for those moving into operational compliance, requirements are served across the course of the year)

There are simply too many capabilities to list them all here, but you can schedule a demo to see the full capabilities of the platform.

TCT Portal will support small businesses as well as large, multinational clients that require customized workflows. Whatever you need, the configuration specialists at TCT can help you align your customer needs to ensure a smooth process.

TCT Portal lets you customize your proven process with engagements, fold it into the TCT Portal and leverage it as part of your procedure. We’ll work with you to support your firm’s customized workflows so that your processes run as efficiently as possible. We can handle just about any situation to streamline your interface with clients, to offload the elements that burn the most time so you can protect your most precious resource—your time.

Boost Your Business with TCT Portal

A more efficient process is good for you and your clients, and built-in guidance reduces hand-holding while helping your customers to understand what you need from them. Auditors that provide that level of service are rare, and it makes your firm more valuable to your clients.

Looking for a way to streamline your client engagements and provide more value to your clients? Grab a personalized demo to see how TCT Portal can benefit your business.


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