Phoenix Financial Services was onboarding a client that required the company to certify as being PCI-compliant. The firm had been set up for PCI compliance for years, but they didn’t have the documentation and assessments that proved compliance. They expected the process to be rather straightforward, but the compliance demands quickly proved to be unwieldy.

The compliance team spent countless hours reading PCI guidelines, attempting to translate what they meant, and figuring out what kind of documentation would prove that they were meeting guidelines and keeping everything organized. It required round upon round of trial-and-error with auditors to understand what kind of documentation would suffice.

That’s when they engaged with TCT.

Our latest case study reveals how TCT Portal removed Phoenix Financial’s overwhelming challenges of becoming PCI-compliant. Phoenix was deploying key personnel to the project, who worked 16-hour days for two months straight. But when they discovered TCT Portal software for compliance management, they met a partner who could make sense of compliance and streamline their compliance efforts into a manageable effort.

Discover how TCT Portal calmed the compliance chaos—download the case study.

Compliance Demystified

For Phoenix Financial, proving compliance quickly proved to be too complex for their small staff. “Having just two or three people to manage the certification process, in addition to our everyday tasks, was overwhelming,” said Kim England, Chief Compliance Officer.

CIO Jamie Hefty contacted TCT and was immediately impressed. “TCT worked probably as many hours as we did, if not more, helping us get through it,” he said.

At last, the compliance team had a partner that could make sense of the chaos. TCT understood what documents and screen shots were needed, and how to prove compliance for each requirement. Phoenix Financial needed someone who had seen the finish line and knew exactly how to get there.

TCT Portal compliance software provided the workflow and automation they needed to get their arms around the chaos of compliance. Check out the Phoenix Financial case study to discover how TCT Portal:

  • Demystified compliance requirements
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Improved vendor relationships
  • Empowered Phoenix to manage more compliance with few staff

TCT Portal Makes Compliance Manageable

After using TCT Portal for two years, the compliance team can now say that they have seen the finish line. Compliance management is now simply business as usual, and they’re running a well-oiled system.

Looking for an easier way to manage your compliance efforts? You don’t have to figure it out on your own to make it work. TCT Portal makes it easy. Find out how in our latest case study!


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