I am super excited to announce that TCT will be heading back to the PCI North America Community Meeting. And this year we’re adding the Europe Community Meeting to the itinerary, as well.

We’ve been attending the North America event for years and the Europe addition marks one more reason to celebrate the work TCT is doing to make compliance suck less for companies everywhere.

We had a ton of fun at last year’s PCI conference, and I’m looking forward to this year’s event. It’s always awesome to talk to people and meet new friends. This is our big opportunity to see our clients, partners, and vendors face-to-face, instead of virtually.

I’ve been to many conferences, and the PCI conference in particular always provides a greater level of connection between attendees.

When I started TCT over a decade ago, we aimed to help people. TCT is a unique organization in that we serve those subject to compliance, service providers that provide offerings to compliant organizations AND we serve many Assessors across a myriad of certifications.

This means that pretty much anybody we interact with at the PCI conferences is a productive and positive conversation. That’s one of the reasons I love getting out there every year. I’m also excited about what TCT is offering to conference-goers this year.

What to Expect at the North American PCI Conference

If you’re attending the North America conference, be sure to stop by our booth and say hello. I’ll be there with Todd Coshow, Head of Business Development, and Jon Dotson, Head of Product.

At the booth, you can ask us questions about PCI DSS and about TCT Portal. You can also view product demos, grab some cool giveaway items, and sign up for exclusive afterhours events that TCT will be hosting.

I’m super excited to have conversations with folks. It’s always a fun time when we get out there, because we live and breathe the PCI space. And being around others who live and breathe it is energizing and rewarding. We’re very pleased that we have the opportunity to share our love of making compliance management suck less.

Visit TCT’s Tech Demo

I’m also honored to announce that TCT has been accepted as a tech demo speaker at both the US and EU conferences! Tech demos are 20-minute sessions that include Q&A, live technology demos, and thought leadership on trending issues related to PCI.

TCT was selected to present last year, and we’re honored to be back again this year. Stop by and see a live walkthrough of TCT Portal, including features and functions that help make PCI DSS 4.0 easy to manage.

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This year’s tech demo topic: how to streamline complex compliance engagements. We’ll showcase the new capabilities we’ve integrated for PCI 4.0, and discuss how to manage PCI alongside other certifications.

For many organizations, PCI is one of several certifications that they need to be compliant with. For most companies today, it’s almost a certainty that they will be layering on additional certifications at some point. The landscape for compliance management is only going to increase and become more complex.

Many of our clients go up against PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and more. With that many certifications, there is a ton of crossover and redundancy that comes into play. But TCT Portal does all of that work for you, and we’ll talk about how easy it can be to run engagements with multiple certifications.

We’ve said it many times before, and we’ll keep saying it: we absolutely LOVE compliance but managing compliance sucks. Our driving purpose is to help people so they don’t have to deal with the complexities of managing their engagements. By introducing automation and organization, organizations can see levels of efficiency they’d never dream of attaining.

Most companies are so used to doing things manually they don’t peek above the weeds to see a better way, and we aim to change that.

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See You in Europe!

This is the first year that TCT is participating at the Europe PCI conference. In anticipation of this milestone, we spent the latter part of last year standing up a new instance of TCT Portal in the European Union. For nearly a year, TCT Portal has been able to offer GDPR compliant data security that meets the EU’s high privacy standards.

With TCT having clients spanning 6 continents today, this will be our first opportunity to meet face-to-face with our clients in the EU, and we’re looking forward to meeting new partners and clients as well. This will be a tremendous opportunity to share our love of efficient compliance management with a new group of people.

As with the North American conference, TCT will have a booth at the Europe conference. Stop by and say hi. Check out the giveaways and sign up for one of our events. Be sure to sit in on our tech demo as well!

In the meantime, keep coming back to the TCT blog. In the coming weeks, we’ll cover general security topics as well as PCI-specific topics as we march toward the PCI Community Meetings. We’ll also have some terrific PCI conversations on our podcast, “Compliance Unfiltered”.

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