The PCI event of the year is upon us and TCT will be in the middle of it. Will you?

The 2022 North America Community Meeting is being held in Toronto, Canada, from September 13-15. These are the most significant three days in the world of PCI DSS, and this year’s annual conference promises to be one of the most significant in recent history.

Industry experts from all over the world are coming together to discuss everything from new banking regulations to preventing data breaches. You’ll learn about the latest in payment security, get deeper insights on PCI DSS 4.0, and have opportunities to network with peers.

If you’re attending the 2022 PCI conference, be sure to make the most of your time there. Here are some of the top opportunities to take advantage of.

Important Insights

This is the first conference since the recent major release of PCI 4.0. Expect to find a wealth of talks, presentations, and information sessions about the new stuff that comes into play with this release.

This conference will provide some tremendously valuable insights about PCI DSS 4.0 from the PCI Council.

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Beyond PCI 4.0, industry experts will share a depth of insights on various topics related to security and compliance. Learn about the banking regulations that will be changing soon. You’ll also get access to important Council updates and regional insights.

Face-to-face Networking

This is the first in-person PCI conference since 2019. At that time, it was exciting to be at the conference, interacting with people, and being part of the conference scene itself. Much more so now that we’re finally able to attend in person again.

It’s easy to downplay the significance of reconnecting with others at a conference. The reality is, networking and relationships are just as important as the information sessions. Often, this is the only time that colleagues and partners have the chance to see each other in person each year.

TCT is now an international company, with many of our partners and customers dispersed throughout North America and the globe. We make the most of every opportunity to build relationships face-to-face.

Be sure to build in time for networking at the conference. Make appointments to sit down and hang out with your professional connections.

Tech Exchange Demos

Be sure to check out the Tech Exchange Demos at the end of the day on Wednesday. These demos are overviews of innovative technology solutions. You’ll be able to view live walkthroughs, ask questions, and hear from the companies that are presenting their technology solutions.

Up to eight companies have been exclusively selected by the PCI Council, and TCT is pleased to be one of the presenters. Stop by and see why organizations call TCT Portal a lifesaver.

Vendor Showcase

Not only is the vendor showcase a great way to collect fun swag, but it’s a valuable venue to interact with organizations that provide solutions to help make your life easier. Don’t just walk the aisles and grab brochures — take advantage of the opportunity to interact and talk with the people from those companies. Ask questions and get to know them — you never know when you’ll need a solution they provide, so it makes sense to get your arms around the various offerings.

Start a relationship with the vendors and set appointments to continue your conversation. It’s tremendously helpful to get to know these companies and speak live to someone. You’ll discover new products and services that you never knew existed.

Be sure to stop by TCT’s booth! You’ll meet our CEO (me), the Head of Business Development, and the Head of Product. We’ll have some fun giveaways, a demo, and access to tons of resources.

You can find us at Booth #34. If you’re at the conference, be sure to stop by and say hi.

After-hours Networking

After attending TCT’s tech demo on Wednesday, join us at one of our meet-and-greet events that evening. Stop by the booth and learn more about the mixers.

Learn more about TCT’s giveaways and activities at the PCI conference — and download some handy goodies too.


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