Most years end with a sense of nostalgia for the times we shared together, and begin with a sense of expectation for the year that will be. Funny the difference a year makes. I remember 2019 winding down with a great deal of optimism for the year ahead. 2020 held such promise — after all, 20/20 is synonymous with perfect vision, right? What could go wrong?

I find myself feeling conflicted when I look back at the past year. We’ve seen seismic impacts at every level. Individuals and families have been turned inside out in unparalleled ways — whether it’s contracting COVID, the ripple effects the pandemic has brought, or the multiple other upheavals the year has seen — political drama, racial incidents, and natural disasters. We even have murder hornets now!

And yet, I also feel incredibly fortunate to be in the place that TCT is in. TCT was founded as a fully remote organization from the start, which minimized disruption and allowed us to operate relatively as normal. TCT even managed reasonable business growth across the course of 2020, which was amazing in this tumultuous climate.

That puts TCT in a position to help others, and we take that privilege seriously.

What Will Business Look Like in 2021?

One of the interesting aspects of business that I’ve discovered over the years is that in many ways, organizations are left to their own devices. They’re expected to figure things out for themselves. But if this past year has taught us anything, I hope it’s that we need to support those around us who are in business for themselves. Because there are a lot of businesses that aren’t open, anymore. That’s one thing that I wish was different — a greater camaraderie among those who are in business.

I look at businesses around me and I put myself in the owners’ shoes. I imagine what it must be like to own a third-generation restaurant right now, or to be in any kind of industry that relies on people being physically present. We need each other.

2021 can be marked by a different approach to doing business. The notion of looking out for Number One might get you farther ahead in the short term, but it’s the responsibility of those who survive to lend a hand to other businesses so they can make it through as well.

Look at the fact that you survived 2020 as an onus of responsibility to look out for those who didn’t fare as well. As soon as we’re out of this, do your best to support those organizations — many of them are on life support right now.

It can be as simple as going out of your way to tell people about those businesses. Make referrals, spread the word about them.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

TCT has some clients that have struggled to keep their heads above water for the better part of the year. We’re doing what we can to look out for those companies and to work with them while they get back on their feet.

We’re also continuing to reach toward the goals we had for 2020 — to continue supporting our partners in compliance and helping others in significant ways. (I wrote about that vision last year.) I now have those goals for 2021, and we’re very close to that now.

On a personal front, I’m continually looking for creative ways to help those around me. Whether it’s the neighbor in the restaurant industry who needs a house repair, or the mom and pop business down the street that relies on regular customers and strong tippers to stay afloat.

Here’s to a New Year of Hope

Total Compliance Tracking was founded on the notion of helping others. This coming year will mean a lot of opportunities for TCT, and for all of us, to assist one another.

I don’t think there’s any question that we all hope to never see another 2020 again! It’s been more challenging than anyone could have imagined. This next year won’t be a walk in the park, but there’s a sense of hope on the horizon. I look to 2021 with guarded optimism. I look forward to being past the pandemic, and to getting to a position where we can help others survive and thrive.

And I hope that your business will join TCT in that effort. Here’s to 2021 and a new year of promise. All the best!

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