If you’re getting serious about compliance for the first time — really facing it — you can feel lost and overwhelmed. There’s so much to do, and it isn’t clear where you should start or what the trail map looks like. Not only is the path forward unclear, you have no idea what lies ahead along the journey. Where are the pitfalls, the storms, and the rough terrain? What gear do you need, and who needs to be on this journey with you?

That’s why many organizations depend on a compliance consultant. A consultant acts as a kind of trail guide for your compliance engagement. Like a sherpa, compliance consultants know the terrain like the back of their hand, and they can guide you safely through the journey to your destination. They combine expertise with advocacy to prepare you to confidently enter your annual audit — and come out of it unscathed.

Total Compliance Tracking has decades of combined experience walking alongside clients to provide compliance consulting services. We’ve seen security and compliance from every angle—as a company that’s applying to be certified, as a consultant, sitting alongside auditors assessing compliance, and doing quality assurance for a large international auditing firm.

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A quick note: TCT respects and appreciates the relationships we’ve formed with Service Providers, Consultants, Assessors, and Auditors. We don’t compete with our clients who do consulting, and we’ll never poach business from those we serve. Instead, we actively seek to form mutually beneficial relationships with our partners in compliance.

What You’ll Enjoy with Total Compliance Tracking

TCT was founded on a vision to support every person who deals with compliance — those who need to prove compliance, Auditors and Assessors, even vendors and partners. TCT consulting gives you:

  • Confidence to enter your annual audit. No need to worry about not passing muster or getting blindsided with bad news.
  • An advocate who walks you through every step of the process and sits in on the annual audit with you.
  • Expertise without the bravado. TCT exists to help people in a human way. We’ve been there and we know what it’s like to face a humongous engagement.
  • A trail guide who goes above and beyond to help you navigate the compliance terrain
  • A partner who genuinely cares for your compliance wellbeing

Since 2014, TCT has helped more and more companies experience a satisfaction around compliance that they never thought possible.

Compliance is like a black box for most people. Total Compliance Tracking pulls back that curtain, brings clarity to compliance, and makes the path easy to follow. In TCT, you get a partner who gets in the trenches with you. If something goes Boom, we dive in and help out.

What to Expect from TCT Compliance Consulting

We take a two-phase approach to your compliance engagement. Here’s what you can expect:

Phase 1: Initial Compliance Validation

The ultimate objective of this phase is to validate that you’re in compliance with the standards that you’re aiming to be compliant with. This includes:

  • Gap assessment to see where you stand today compared to your compliance requirements
  • Policies and procedures that govern how things should be done within your organization
  • Compliance system that tackles the issues identified from the gap assessment, in a prioritized fashion
  • Training for your entire team, based on your specific needs
  • Audit assistance to guide the process and act as an intermediary with your Assessor, as needed

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Phase 2: Operational Mode

You can’t simply achieve compliance and walk away from it — you’ll need to proactively maintain it throughout the year. Depending on which compliance standard you’re subject to, there will be a list of items which need to be performed every day, week, month, quarter and semi-annually.

TCT will set up a structure that helps you hit manageable targets throughout the year so that you can gain peace and comfort that you’re on track with your efforts. And you’ll have the assurance that you won’t get blindsided by any big surprises at the end of the compliance year or your next annual audit.

“Before we switched to TCT I was leaving the house at 9 am and getting home at 1 or 2 in the morning, five to six days a week. The TCT team took our deadline to heart and they worked probably as many if not more hours helping us get through it. They jumped right in with a shovel and helped me dig that hole.” — Jamie Hefty, CIO, Phoenix Financial Services

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