This past year has been one for the record books in terms of cybersecurity and compliance. There were more reported cyberattacks than ever in 2023, and we’ve seen more breaches with nation states behind them. 

In the midst of a growing sense of vulnerability and insecurity, TCT wishes you a season of peace and joy — and we’re here to help make that possible for our clients.

The need has never been greater to keep your company compliant with security standards. At the same time, compliance regulations have never been more complex. For many companies, 2024 feels risky and burdensome. That’s why TCT is committed to making compliance management suck less. 

Total Compliance Tracking started out of a notion of helping others, and we’re on a mission to bring a sense of peace and serenity to our clients. It’s a peace that comes from the confidence that your security and compliance program is properly managed and deployed. 

Greetings of Peace and Serenity

For most organizations, compliance management is no holiday. Instead, it’s full of chaos, painful toil, and tremendous hours of work. Often, there’s little time off during the holidays.

We built TCT Portal so people wouldn’t have to suffer through managing their compliance engagements. Our clients spend less time managing compliance, and they always know exactly how they’re doing on their compliance activities. They can sleep at night without anxiety, and they can enter the new year confident that their bases are covered.

The holidays are the time of year when we talk wistfully about peace and goodwill. Those ideas might seem foreign in the security and compliance world, but the reality is that TCT Portal was designed to bring peace and joy to our clients.

There’s joy in eliminating duplicate efforts and unnecessary extra labor.

There’s peace in knowing that you’re on track with your compliance responsibilities.

Clarity about your engagement status brings an abundance of goodwill toward others.

It’s our earnest desire for TCT Portal to be a source of peace and serenity to our clients, and we hope that Total Compliance Tracking can make your holiday merrier this year.

A New Year with New Compliance Resolutions

This is also the time for reflecting back on how things went over the last 12 months. It’s also a time for looking forward and planning for the coming year — whether it’s personal resolutions or organizational goals. Organizations take stock of how they’re doing and what adjustments need to be made as we move into 2024.

For many companies, one major adjustment is the transition from PCI-DSS 3.2.1 to the new PCI 4.0. For these organizations, the next quarter poses a degree of uncertainty and anxiety. TCT has had the pleasure of assisting organizations confidently and seamlessly switch to PCI 4.0.  If your organization has yet to make the transition, we’d love to make it a low-anxiety experience.

Security and compliance is a constant, ever-evolving landscape that takes a lot of will and tenacity to handle. It’s a remarkably more peaceful experience when you leverage an advanced compliance management system.

Holiday Wishes from TCT

TCT is your security and compliance partner, and we’re looking forward to assisting new organizations and existing clients in the new year and beyond. To our clients and partners, this holiday season we wish you peace and comfort as you enjoy time with family and friends. 


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