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Show Notes: A How To Guide for Handling On-Site Audits/Assessments

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On this week’s episode of Compliance Unfiltered, we discuss the ever-stressful on-site compliance audits and assessments. Just the thought of going through an audit can twist a compliance manager’s insides in knots. But you can enter your annual assessment with confidence rather than dread.

Adam calls on his decades of experience to help you understand how to successfully navigate from, “OMG it’s time for our compliance audit!” to “Phew, thank goodness, we made it!”

  • What do you need to know and do in advance of the audit/assessment?
  • What will your visiting Assessor need from you and the organization?
  • How should you prep for your audit internally?

All this and more on this week’s episode of Compliance Unfiltered!

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